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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair Styles | The Mini Twists

  1. I love doing mini twists on my hair but I didn’t think about flat twisting
    the front; looks like it helps to keep them out the face so I will try it;
    Great vid!

  2. Adding some JBCO to your ends after twisting them will smooth and fuse them
    together nicely

  3. Natural Hair Styles | The Mini Twists includes 4 style options at the end.
    Great protective style.

  4. Love the mini twists, agree that flat twists in the front is a great idea!
    Have yet to try these on my big chopped hair! I’m excited for it though

  5. Love the flat twist idea because my stress spots are my temples and I never
    put mini twists in because I didn’t think the front would look right so now
    seeing how yours look gives me inspiration to actually try them.. I been
    protective styling my hair since the summer and would like to change the
    styles up a bit lol.. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Fabulous Style!!! Do you just keep it in for a week or can it be worn for 2
    weeks? Do you re-twist each week and if so how many weeks in a row do you
    wear it like this?

  7. I’ve been natural for nine months now and I have yet to do mini twists!
    Definitely will be doing them soon tho. And the flat twist in the front
    idea was genius! I love it <3 

  8. Love this! I’ve done mini twists before and it takes a really long time if
    you want them to be cute lol. I really need to learn how to flat twist! 

  9. Great protective style for the colder months, it is a very smart way to
    keep the moisture in your follicles. I love watching your videos! Keep it
    up Bri!

  10. If your not a 4b or 4c hair type I would be really disappointed. 4a and up
    just needs gel and conditioner lol. I love your hair btw. 

  11. I love this! I’ve been wanting to do mini twist for a while now, but my
    hair likes to lock and matt at the roots after about a week or so in any
    twisted/braided style. Even when I wash or co wash or do a ACV rinse, it
    never fails…so it’s just not worth time and effort for me.

  12. I just cut my hair about a month ago and usually wear it flat ironed/
    straight. I’ve been “natural” all my life. No perm ever, but I’ve lost a
    lot of my waves over the years. I’m eager to try this out but worried about
    the time and outcome. The back half of my hair is curlier and will lock
    easier. The top half is more straight so I know I’ll have to apply more
    water and pomade to the top.

  13. Oh my goodness you favor my mom when she was really young and you two have
    the same texture almost lol but nice results.

  14. Really beautiful hair. I did the same thing recently because I noticed edge
    breakage on my hair as well. So you think it’s because of the gel and the
    manipulation? That’s the main reason for me braiding mine. I am glad my
    hair twin really is just that. Love your channel. 

  15. I really like the way you twisted your front. It gives a more finished look
    for styling. I’m going to try that next time. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Two days ago i searched youtube high and low for a tutorial for mini twists
    that would work for my hair, i couldnt find anything. So this is just in
    time! my edges are a lot softer than the rest of my hair and the flat
    twisting is a great solution! thanks hun, loved the vid!

  17. I love your hair and how healthy and moisturized it looks. I have a twa and
    I love in northern florida and my hair has been dry lately and breaking off
    a bit. Plus I’ve been getting a lot of single strand knots. Do you have any
    tips on how to keep it moisturized and minimize breakage and dry ends? 

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