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24 thoughts on “Natural Hair Styles for Black Women: How to Get Natural Curly Hair – How To Guru

  1. Guys all they’re doing is doing a video it doesn’t matter that she’s white
    I mean listen she obviously knows what she’s talking about.

  2. This girl’s hair is beautiful, but I wish they would do a video with a
    model that has 4b-c hair like mine :(

  3. I just want to point this out. When they said “natural” they probably
    didn’t mean what you all are thinking. If you think about it even if a girl
    relaxes her hair it may not have the same curl pattern, but it’s still
    curly. So saying my hair is naturally curly wouldn’t be inconrrect because
    it’s still curly even with chemical additives. I also think this is for
    women transitioning, which she might be.

    Also, this made me look at relaxers a little different. I think if more
    woman who got relaxes tried to wear their hair curly more often, like this,
    it would be healthier. What the woman said in the video was true! Curly
    hair needs moisture. Girls who relax their hair are always so focus on keep
    it straight ( i was one of them). They don’t realize how damaging that is
    because we think “it’s relaxed now it’s supposed to be straight”. That’s
    not true! I think they main problem with relaxers is that girls aren’t
    ignoring the fact that our hair needs moisture no chemical will ever change

    I hope girls with relaxed hair watch this video, and more about how to
    properly take care of their treated hair. We were not born with pin
    straight hair. Nothing will ever change that! There is not problem with
    wanting a more manageable hair texture, but you have to remember you still
    have a different hair type than those girls. You have to learn to love it,
    and take care of it!

  4. Nice to see white stylist taking interest in African American hair 

  5. She actually did a great job yall so negative omg if you don’t like it so
    what it ain’t like her hands in your hair. Amazing and beautiful

  6. The less you touch your hair the better, but she constantly got her fingers
    all through her hair 

  7. Her hair is beautiful everyone who’s is saying her is still relaxed needs
    to pay close attention if you had listened at the beginning they already
    clarified that

  8. I’m currently gathering some ideas for my now 2 year grow out, which is
    currently under weave. Great video, with lots for me to consider.

  9. i think if u dont like the video dont look at it… its already too much
    racism in the world… god says love each other as i have loved u..

  10. These are some ignorant comments. She’s white doing a black girls hair, who
    cares? However, whenever you see a white woman with a half black child,
    that has their hair everywhere……you may say their “white mom” needs to
    learn how to do their hair! Lol. Nobody is ever satisfied. For that, you
    have my compassion. 

  11. Leave her let her do the hair I mean she’s trying at least let her do it
    the girl is allowing her but then when other races don’t want to deal with
    our hair it’s a problem

  12. I have been reading the comments here, people who commented negatively
    about this video, did not wacth it with a open mind, they watched it just
    to find a flaw and critize. It is sad, how black people, us, we have been
    fighting for our rights, to be treated with equallity, and respect and
    included as a normal and even outstanding part f society, however we do not
    practice this toward others, we are the more judgemental and racist of
    “races” we want to hurt those who hurt us and not include them. It is so
    sad, we need to start practicing what we preach. Pay attention, the girl is
    growing a relaxer out, her ends are straigh thats why she needed to define
    the non existent curls on the ends, I have curly kinky hair and I use the
    twist and curl method a lot. SHE USED GEL, I use gel all the time and a lot
    of naturalistas do it as well. the roots of her hair are natural that is
    why it looks puffy… They lady used a fine tooth comb but, did u se any
    hair falling? did it hurt her hair?? Stop and think, dont make comments
    just to judge and seem smart, Please!! 

  13. It’s pretty but it looks as if she has a relaxer in her hair or a lot of
    heat damage. 

  14. Great video! Im currently trying to grow my hairbout natrual to . My hair
    is natmy hair is naturally an afro so it is a lot of work.

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