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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair Style: Goddess Braid

  1. As a black man this is why I strongly encourage black women to go natural.
    Not only do natural hair make you look younger but looks damn sexy also. 

  2. thanks sweetie…I did this for my relaxed hair and pipo havent stopped
    saying «I lovr yr hair » oh my God it brings out my big eyes so lovely .I
    have been rocking for a week now.I only did it again once that is after 3
    day. xoxo 

  3. hate when new beauty gurus come on youtube mimic the pros and get credit
    for inventing something new lol. this is fab. I saw another guru do
    it…and it didn’t hit the mark for me. gorgeous!

  4. This has and always will be my go-to hairstyle! So glad I stumbled upon
    this video when I transitioned to my natural groove two years ago. :)

  5. I love think style. My braids never come out good so I did it with twist &
    it came out great. My hair is about the same length with blonde highlights
    & i personally don’t like wearing weave or extensions. So this is very
    handy & simple

  6. Finally someone who did it right. I just watch three video with the same
    length hair and lawd Jesus take the wheel. Lol. Thank you!!

  7. I love this style and the ‘Sweet Dreams’ remix.
    I have natural hair but it’s always a mess because I don’t know what to
    do. I get it pressed but I play sports and do marching band so it’s
    constantly sweated out.

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