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25 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR: side braids/twist out updo

  1. i luv luv luvvv this style im going to do it!!!!! the music was kinda of
    annoying but besides that i love ur hair and videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. very nice you really have been inspiring me with your protective hair
    styles. only one problem how do you moisturize the hair if it’s in French
    braid up do?

  3. So very cute! My hair isn’t that long yet but cant wait to get my daughter
    r grandaughter to try it on me!

  4. Hi lovely, you are so talented with braiding your hair, have you ever tried
    pipe cleaners to wrap your braids in? You can make all kinds of twist and
    turns with your hair wrapped around the cleaner. This was demonstrated on
    you tube. Sorry, I don’t remember the lady’s name that was doing the demo.

  5. r u from the caribbean cuz this is a jamaican song or maybe u just like
    these type of songs? plz answer anywayzz it is a very nice hairstyle never
    see something like this before thnx for uploading

  6. Please check out my Natural Hair Confidence video guys! Like, share, and
    possibly subscribe! Thank you! <3

  7. Very pretty! I have to try this. Thank you for sharing your beautiful hair
    style….I love it!! =)

  8. Love It !!! thanks for the video cant wait to rock this style and thank you
    for not talking though the whole thing. I also love that you wasnt wearing
    make up in this one. Sometime that can take away from the word natural I
    want to see how it would look without a ton of makeup.You look great
    without it. Plus it help others like myself with the worries of going
    natural. We dont have to look fake to achieve these styles. THANKS HUN KEEP

  9. Thanks for sharing i love this style, iam looking forward to trying it out.
    I also love the song you used, whats the name of it and who is it by?

  10. I was just watching your vid and I got incredibly amazed by how well your
    cornrows are neat and well defined. You rock!

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