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25 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR ROLLERSET# Dramatic festive blues # COMBO!

  1. LOL!! Don’t mind me you know, Gurrrl, it wasn’t even lipstick…LMBO!!
    Urban decay eyeshadow pencil! + a bit of brown lippy to mellow it down,
    LOL! Was in a crazy mood…erm…what’s new, hahahahah. Like i said “don’t
    mind me, just experimenting” heeheee! But flattered that you sat it through
    my British accent, hahah! Thank you! <3 🙂

  2. Love love love the hair!!! Wassup with the blue lipstick tho!!?? You’re the
    only person so far that I can watch for 3 min with blue lipstick on!! Guess
    cuz I like your accent! LOL Bet you rocked your nite out tho!! 😀 do you

  3. lol, awww, THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME HONEY awww, that really means a
    lot, thank you so much for watching and compliment 🙂 ….. Okay enough
    smoochie talk…YO! So you didn’t know me all about dee mix and blend. Me
    uh always match! ahahahahahhaha 😉 xo Take care miss 😀

  4. Oh hi stranger! How are ya!? Thanks so much ! 🙂 Was feeling BOLD that day,
    lol. Thought id step out the box for a hot minute, lolz!

  5. LOL! Pls do check out my rollerset playlist which is in the description box
    above :), but you need to press “see more” tab and there’s the link of the
    4 vids inc “How to” 🙂

  6. Awe THANKS GIRL!! I can feel your excitement through the screen, lol! <3 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

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