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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair – Protective Styling Halo Tutorial!!

  1. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Off to give it a go. I hope it turns
    out as nice as yours. Blessings. 

  2. I loved yr video it helped me save soo much time.not worry about what to do
    about my hair the next morning

  3. I did the flat twist halo before… I looked like Celie from Color Purple
    lol. I love them on you though. You have very pretty hair and amazing

  4. Thumbs all the way up. I wear my hair like this (just about) every day.
    This has been my go to hair style for twenty years.
    Glad to see it being utilized by you young ladies because it is a timeless

  5. oooooooooh my gosh, you just made that look so freakin simple!! I’m going
    to try it first thing tomorrow!! My hair is maybe half the length of yours
    but i’m really just trying to learn how to do a french braid but one
    tutorial made it look entirely too hard which I tend to lack the patience
    to detangle & plait, but these flat twists look so much easier. Thank you,
    I now have hope lol

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