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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair: Preventing breakage and dryness from a man’s perspective!!

  1. Good to see other afro men on Youtube !!

    Thanks for all these good advises !

  2. do you put both the cantu shea butter and africa’s best organics in ur hair
    together, or will u put cantu shea butter one day and or africa’s best
    organics the other day!! Please clarify!

  3. Either that or if he had a afro caring video It was for a huge fro and no a

  4. Thank you I didn’t even watch the video yet but saying it ahead of time.
    Ever video was from a women perspective. What do when your about to sleep.

  5. My gosh 0_0 well I guess I have a lot of correcting to do, I am an African
    American male and I am thinking about eventually locking my hair but at the
    moment I am enjoying my fro….its similar to your fro and I want to
    develop a proper care routine before I just take on the locking process

    Thanks for the information and I will definitely invest in shea butter,
    doing cowashes instead of main shampoo wash and as someone else stated, I
    will find a shampoo without sulfates and other additives… Thanks again,
    this was very helpful

  6. @marquise0907 ur right man…I learned about co-washing by watching Chaz
    Dean commercial one night..conditioning is the best thing for hair for
    anyone hair at that.. check his products out if you’ve never heard of them.
    i’ve been growing my hair recently and i use the chaz dean almond mint or
    sometimes the fig…and I also use aleo vera hair polisher. I brush my hair
    backwards and it’s looking lustrous my brother.. no homo but has anyone
    told you that u kind of look like tyson beckford?

  7. I love your videos. I’m a black guy too. I’m growing out my hair. I wash my
    hair with shampoo and conditioner once a week. I use khiels argan line and
    after I use Dax to grease my scalp after it’s dried but not too dry. Then I
    spray a little rose water. Throughout the week, I will massage in coconut
    oil. And I don’t pick or brush out my hair, it’s unnecessary. I use my
    hands and fingers. At bedtime, I wear a hat. This is my hobby too. I’m also
    into essential oils and skin products. Vitamins

  8. We use almost all the same stuff. Except that proclaim coconut oil makes my
    scalp flaky and dirty.

  9. shampoos (terressentials) instead of using your regular shampoos w/
    parabens and sulfates. Also moisturizing (softness) and protein (strength)
    hair treatments help (natural homemade ones are the best, like egg-mayo
    protein treatmnt or avocado-EVOO moist. treatmnt) Also, it’s important to
    protect your hair with the right fabric when you go to bed. if a satin/silk
    scarf or hat is a no-no, there are satin pillow cases too. Hope these tips
    helps. PS: Avoid products w/ mineral oils and petroleum pls!

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  11. True talk, no videos of how guys should take care of their natural hair.
    You are fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee btw

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