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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair: Perfect Curly Afro Tutorial

  1. Her hair is LUSCIOUS and BEAUTIFUL! I can’t WAIT to try this style! :D

  2. whered you get the rollers that you used in your hair sorry im not sure
    what there actually called

  3. They both were super CUTE! The last one is what I’m going for. I have
    straight hair though. I tried it a few times but just ran my fingers and
    shook my hair…need the wide tooth comb and see if I can get a difference.
    Cute hair and video. New subscriber as well! ♡

  4. Yes I love both styles, but the second one when its big and bouncy I love!

  5. Your hair is beautiful!!! I’m not natural at all but I haven’t had a perm
    in a while but I know the perm is still there because it takes a while for
    the perm to leave but do you think if I do this still will my hair come out
    the same way? 

  6. You look so amazing! I have so thin and straight hair I would do anything
    to have your hair.

  7. my hair is 3c/4a so my hair is like this but tighter curls, will it still

  8. Thank you after finding my old baby photos, and seeing my natural beautiful
    hair. I stopped perming it, and decided to go back natural, and this
    tutorial helps now that my hair is at my shoulders. I had a hard time
    finding a easy solution. I just subscribed. 

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