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25 thoughts on “Natural hair Kids|Easy Hairstyle

  1. Lord, my ovaries are doing jumping jacks and lunges!
    All I had for my knuckleheads were a brush and some clippers.

  2. This is SOOO cute! About to go and do this with my twin girls’ hair for the
    coming school week! Thanks for posting this! :)

  3. Very cute little princess, with a equally cute hairstyle. Very cute wedding
    style. I commend you all who are letting your little girls hair stay in the
    natural state. I permed my daughter’s hair when she was about 4 years old,
    and she never knew what her natural hair texture was like. She is 26 years
    old now. I cut it off almost two years ago, and she loves it/ naturally
    curly!:-) Take care.

  4. she is adorable only wish i had left my daughters hair in its natural state
    when they were her age, but they are transitioning as we speak one big chop
    recntly so we are coming along just fine #teamnaturalfamily. Love that
    quick hairstyle thanks for sharing xoxxo New Subbie

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