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24 thoughts on “Natural Hair Kids-How to: Safely Blow Dry

  1. Hey mom! I am in love your girls. They are too cute. Yes, you definitely
    have growing hands and I see why people want you to take of their hair. I
    wish my mommy had growing hands.

  2. Did you change up blow dryers on the Gabby’s hair and do you get their ends
    trimmed? I have the same first blow dryer you used without the comb part
    and blow dried my four year old hair this morning. 

  3. What a blow out.., their hair is bouncy and so healthy. You should be one
    tired mama after that lol. Tell them grandma loves the hair

  4. My two daughters first blow out ever! Alot of work but the results were
    beautiful. Here’s the video!

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