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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair Kids| How I care for my daughter’s hair

  1. #naturalhair #haircareforkids #hair Watch how I use my favorite hair
    care products on my favorite little ones hair! #teamnatural +Valderia

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I have a 3 year old and 1 year old daughter and
    they bith have completely different textures! Like, 4c and 3a. Then my hair
    is like nadia’s. It’s a struggle at tines doing all these heads as you
    know, but it’s worth it =) keep up the great work mama

  3. Hey I absolutely love this vid! This reminds me of doing my god daughter’s
    hair. I am going to start with the deep conditioner though thank-you! what
    I do is separate the hair in four sections! I think this could save you lot
    of time especially when detangling time comes along. Thanks for sharing
    your video!

  4. You have two beautiful daughters and it’s great to see a mom be natural and
    keep her little girls hair natural and healthy as well! Kudos to you!!

  5. Hey I love your videos & your girls have beautiful hair. I have a 12 month
    old little girl and her hair is very course and short in the back. Do u
    have any suggestions or is she to young to use this routine?

  6. I love the fact that you keep your girls’ hair natural. Kudos to you. They
    have beautiful well taken care of hair. I see so many little black girls
    with relaxers and weaves and no edges.

  7. I just watched this video in hopes of growing my six year old’s hair. My
    oldest is a 3C like my hubby but my baby is a 4C like her mama. She wants
    long hair so I am going to try your method.

  8. Hey I have a 5 month old with eczema and a head full of hair, I currently
    use shea moisture but her hair still tends to be dry and frizzy, what did
    you use on your little one at her age

  9. Thank you for sharing! Your girls are gorgeous 😉 this is a simple routine
    and with a few products even I can follow. God bless you!!

  10. What do you do to your daughters’ hair when they go to bed? And do you put
    anything on it in the morning? I’ve done the twists on my 2 year old but it
    never lasts more than a day or 2, it dries out and ends up looking a hot

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