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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair Is Ugly (Solange Knowles Wedding)

  1. Our hair is BEAUTIFUL. One thing I love about my textured hair is that it
    is one thing we can call our own. We can have straight hair if we want, we
    can have curly hair. That is beautiful. Natural hair is making a statement
    and we are beginning to embrace it more as we learn to manage our beautiful
    hair. With this shift, haters will come out….black and white. It is a
    process going from relaxed hair to natural which causes anxiety at times,
    so our relaxed beauties may not want to make the transition…which is a
    lot of work. Our Caucasian beauties CAN NEVER ROCK OUR BEAUTIFUL HAIR no
    matter how hard they try, but we can rock theirs in minutes with wigs,
    weaves, relaxers. I have been natural 2 years and my hair is BEAUTIFUL. I
    wear it natural on the weekends and in protective styles under wigs during
    the week to keep my hair growing long. I get more compliments on my natural
    than my wigs because it is long and BIG. My hair is inspiring to my
    beautiful black sisters….and so is yours. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY
    AND SO IS BLUE IVY AND SOLANGE…Haters are everywhere….and they often
    times are not beauties themselves. It is more about SELF HATE for people
    that need to comment negatively. 

  2. I like solange’s hairstyle for her wedding. People who follow solange knows
    that she likes to do things outside of the box in a eclectic way. Natural
    hair is beautiful, but some people do not see it that way because they
    rather hold onto their standards of what is considered ‘beautiful.’ They
    choose not to have an open mind (open perception), as to why they view
    natural hair to be ugly in the first place. Hopefully some people that have
    been contemplating becoming natural will be inspired by her photos, you
    never know.

    I know we shouldn’t let those comments get to us but do the comments hurt
    you +Charnel Grey ?

  3. She looked absolutely beautiful. Black women should stop giving any
    attention to these idiots who are stuck in old racist ideals. 

  4. Completely agree, first of all it’s racist -_- to have something to say
    about what black people’s hair looks like. It’s literally racist (even if
    the person saying it is also black) to think that black hair is ugly unless
    it looks as close to european standards as possible. Smh, it’s sad

  5. Distorted thinking patterns. The irony is that people who wear wigs,
    weaves, perms, & presses all have the same nappy hair growing out their
    heads but have the nerve to slam Solange.

    People’s reaction to Solange really does come as a surprise to me because
    her hair was absolutely beautiful on her wedding day. Hell, she was
    beautiful on her wedding day. And the wedding was so unique. It looked fun.
    Especially the dance with her son.

    As far as Beyonce. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think her sister being
    there took away from Solange’s wedding. i wish people didn’t have such a
    warped and twisted mentality. Ugh…but what can I say. Haters are just
    doing their job.

  6. I think she was stunning. All things created by God is beautiful . When he
    made us this is the way he made our hair to be and it is beautiful,
    beautifully made. 

  7. Negative minded people take to the social media thinking it gives them
    license to say and do whatever they want regardless of the consequences.
    They feel this is their platform and it is another way for them to “bully”
    everyone with their mouths. They have no self esteem and enjoy causing
    whatever mischief they can. Unfortunately, they don’t care enough about
    others’ feelings to take what you are saying (truth) to heart. Bless you
    for trying!!!!

  8. Great video! I’m so damn tired of society criticising a Black woman for
    wearing the hair that grows from her head!!!!!!!
    so many negative comments from both Whites and Blacks SMH
    I found myself arguing with so many BLACK people telling them they hate
    themselves thats why they see it as “scary”. A black co worker male of mine
    argued me down that the photo was creepy, everyone looked upset, and the
    only person who looked nice in the photo was Bey, coincidentally, one of
    the only women who were NOT natural in the picture. The bottom line is,
    Solange looked BEAUTIFUL and it was 100 % natural & “niggas” aren’t ready
    for that kind of beauty, confidence, or power being exuded from a natural
    black woman. Hopefully they’ll wake up eventually.

  9. There is no reason to apologize for our natural beauty, unfortunately some
    ppl are just ignorant. If we lived in the time before weaves and perms or
    let’s say they stopped making weaves and perms some of these females
    wouldn’t last.

  10. My hair is natural & I love it; I thank God for my hair; he created it for
    me; & I love it; so done with wearing weave my natural hair is so
    beautiful; so many people admire it & love it.

  11. We have hidden our true beauty from the world, conformed to things that are
    not of us, or represent us. Now that we are embracing our true
    beauty, and breaking down those barriers put in our way, our time is
    coming. One day it will be different, as more of us embrace who we are,
    care less about the “European standards of beauty” and more about who
    we were created to be…..they will see our love for ourselves, and
    confidence!! Confidence is sexy, Confidence radiates beauty!

    To my fellow black people who hate another because they choose to accept
    who they are, honestly you are just showing and telling the world that you
    hate yourself. To the people that hate another because of their skin color
    or the way hair grows from your scalp. These are things we are born with
    and can not change, I don’t see people hating on people born with out
    limbs/diseases/health conditions which are things they can not change!

  12. Most of the comments about their hair are from black women. The ones who
    wear nothing but weaves and wigs and have probably never seen their natural
    hair because they’re ashamed of it. Not saying that every single person who
    wears weave is like that. I just don’t understand it. If it doesn’t affect
    you personally then it shouldn’t matter how someone decides to wear THEIR
    hair on THEIR heads.

  13. True! Great point about what we are telling our kids is beautiful or not.
    Many black celebrity kids have relaxed hair but Beyonce chose NOT to relax
    her daughters hair and she is getting backlashed for the variety of ways it
    looks. It’s disgusting, as adults, people of colour and just people with
    sense. Leave nappy hair alone! I’ll give them time to re-adjust their
    notions of beauty so that it can encapsulate frizzy gravity defying hair,
    and not just straight lace wigs all the time. THIS IS BLACK HAIR. For once,
    black celebrities are starting to showcase their natural textures that
    we’ve been covering in fear of not blending in. people aren’t used to that.
    It’s time for them to get used to seeing textured hair in the media.

  14. Wawww “your hair didn’t grow out of your head the way that weave is on your
    head” Danm girl preach!! Seriously, they be acting like they were born with
    that sleek hair… while all they know about is just being fake. 

  15. I imagine if Black People with the hair that stands up were in ruling
    power and set the standards of what feminine beauty was then all the white,
    asian, indian, brazilian, italian, and french women etc, would be trying to
    permanently and chemically alter their hair to what we naturally have.
    Meanwhile their husbands would tell them to stop trying to hurt themselves
    and their young daughters just to get the look of the people that’s making
    fun of them, only for them to turn around and call their husbands, “Natural
    Nazis.” I can even see them wear nothing but afro wigs all the time
    constantly covering up their hair to the point that their hair falls out,
    and trying to say that it’s okay to express themselves that way because
    they are just being individuals and they need the afro wigs to help grow
    and protect their fragile hair strands.

    Whoever has the ruling power is what people follow even if it kills them.
    If the powers that be say that stretch marks were, “Beauty Marks,” then
    everybody that didn’t have them naturally would feel insecure and would try
    to have stretch mark surgery, creams, and whatever treatment they could get
    their hands on just to be accepted by society.

  16. We live in a world where people say they want “Real” things makes me sick
    people want to put poison and fake hair in just to justify that as the NORM
    of beauty when it’s only a facade from peoples integrity subjectively.
    Black people have to itch away from the distortion of “European standard”
    of beauty because they want to be us more than we do of them.

  17. I LOVE HER HAIR, those people R just HATERS. If she had str8 FAKE HAIR they
    still would be talking about her HAIR, talking about why she had 2 have A

  18. They are using social media to show the world how ignorant they are because
    they feel a sense of anonymity. They would never say things like that in

  19. youre totally right…i was in awe when i say Solange so beautifully
    dressed en how they all posed on those pictures WOW… gone are those days
    when alot of black women hid their hair, now times are changing alot of
    black woman are accepting their hair bringing out beautiful statements and
    that’s whats scaring most people CHANGE

  20. Your first problem was being bothered by online comments. Online comments
    sections are full of basement dwelling vermin who should just be ignored.
    Look at the views to comments ratio on any video. There are almost 100
    times more views than comments. What does that tell you about commenters?
    They aren’t representative of the majority of the people who saw the video.
    They are the less than 3% of people who decided to comment. And basement
    dwelling vermin are more likely to want to put their unwanted opinions out
    there. Best ignore it or just look at them for fun.

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