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23 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR INTERVIEW Part 2 EXCLUSIVE with RCIYAH | | #Natural

  1. lol Awwww, thanks so much hun! πŸ˜€ yeah i call it a “thingy” too. LOL. I
    found it in my hair accessory bag as i haven’t got storage yet for my hair
    accessories yet and lord knows if it is some kinda necklace or what?! All i
    know is it’s too big for my head but shoot i made it werk!! umm hmmm! LOL!
    But ya knowww meeee, i just make do with what i got LOL! πŸ˜€ Low
    manipulation is the best! πŸ™‚ Hope the braids go well for you. Would love
    to see the look πŸ™‚

  2. Gurllll I’m really loving that shell thingy that you had in your hair!!
    Your hair to me is looking lovely. I do understand about the dry hair
    thing. I’m going thur the same thing as well.I’m thinking of getting braids
    so I could leave this hair alone to allow it to grow a bit! Great video my

  3. @RCIYAH lol its okay girl!!who markef me as spam…thats rude, lol!!!yes im
    so glad i got to see your hair at the begining of your journey!!!your doing
    great!!stay in touch:D

  4. MESSAGE RECEIVED lol, thanks sooo so so much! <3 Bless ya! πŸ˜€ You always
    make me smile hehe! ;D LOL not sure if i said in last video that youtube be
    watching, so i'm sure they must get the message loud & clear by nowwwwww !!
    πŸ™‚ jeez!

  5. I use my huetiful steamer more than 20 minutes in the winter time (I don’t
    steam my hair in the summer, it’s to hot in Texas). I just use more water &
    start another cycle of the steamer. I end up dc my hair for 30 minutes
    total. I love all your pictures! Also congrats on your length.

  6. Hun, in regards to your steamer only running for 20 mins, what I do is
    refill the water compartment and turn the steamer on again for an extra
    10mins so I get a 30min steam treatment. You can give it a try. Great vid x

  7. heehee! My subbies had me up late last night (no problem it was nice) but i
    didn’t wanna wake my son as he decided to sleep in the front room last
    night and the laptop was next to him and i didn’t wanna wake him and i was
    too tired to multitask. I just went through my actual email notifications
    which also allows you to “see all comments” so i just scrolled on the last
    commentor’s comment then went to *see all comments* and i can see you now
    πŸ˜€ (it was bugging me) Just unmarked as spam πŸ™‚ smh

  8. Hey Rciyah, I’m Glad You Received My Message, Gurl!! Lol!! And Ya Very
    Welcome, Gurl!! Bless Ya Too, Boo!! I’m Glad I Can Always Make You Smile,
    Gurl!! That’s My Job To Do That!! Lol!! Yes, My Dearest Friend, I Hope
    YouTube Be Watching And Finally They Be Getting The Message At Last!! Lol!!
    Stay Blessed & Have A Great And Wonderful Awesome Weekend!! Love Ya Lots,
    Gurl!! – Big Will / The Super Blues Universe

  9. Ok so i’m re reading your comment…LOL! That’s where i went wrong..When it
    switched off, impatient me switched the knobs back on QUICK then it started
    alarming as if to warn me that i’m doing something wrong, so i lost
    patience and rinsed out the jug before packing it away lol..O_O, I didn’t
    re fill with water!! That’s where i went wrong lol. Thanks a lot again πŸ˜€
    (I find that impractical awaiting to fill with water again…like TICK
    TOCK! but beauty is pain LOL. I will give it a shot) πŸ˜‰

  10. @NATURALLYME1021: omg bare drama on youtube. your message is marked as
    spam. I can just now see it on my iphone as new comments are coming in but
    i can’t see it on my laptop and no notification comes through if marked as
    spam πŸ™ Sorry for late reply but thank u sis so much! I’m proof that hard
    work and dedication pays off! Having said all that i had done wrote this on
    my iphone and thought this is running too smoothly as i can never reply via
    iphone..THEN BAM*error try again* message *sigh* πŸ™

  11. lol, awe thank you! I actually did try that the Tuesday of recording this
    video but it wasn’t happening.:( I will do again, i obviously didn’t do it
    correctly, and of course lost patience.. lol! I’m still learning but loving
    and sharing my experience πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your support. If you missed
    part 1 of the interview, when u can please view where i am more thorough on
    my hair practices from deep conditioning to dealing with hair when dry and
    much much more πŸ˜€ Thanks for your help!! πŸ™‚

  12. I didn’t wanna tell u last time but your messages has been coming up as
    spam but i have been able to unmark as other cmments would come in & i
    would just see it by chance, so if i take a while to answer…you know why.
    HMPH! And oh shame here i was thinking i was replying to the 1st comment..U
    COMMENTED AGAIN .ALL I SAW WAS SPAM!!! I thought it was the 1st comment. A
    MESS A MESS! lol will be watching sengalese installment later xo I’m
    babysitting today O_O Sons’ friend is down, should be fun lol

  13. No i didn’t mention it in the video because i thought it was standard
    procedure to wear something under a wig anyways lol. Only time will tell,
    but so far i seem to be on track with keeping in the moisture after
    bursting my brains out LOL! Thanks for your input :-0

  14. ok cool you probably said it in ur video but i probably didnt hear it lol,
    I hope everything turns out great when you do the protective styling for
    the three weeks

  15. for the wig do you wear something under the wig? like a silk cap or
    something…when i wear my scarves i wear a du rag under my scarves

  16. Hi Rciyah!! Wow!! Really Great & Awesome Vid On Ya “Steppin’ away from the
    WEAVE”, Here, Gurl!! I Loved It Lots & Lots!! I Loved Watchin’ All Your
    Vids, Gurl!! I Hope This Comment Of Mines Don’t Show Up As Spam Too!! Lol!!
    Stay Blessed, Gurl!! Love Ya Lots!! – Big Will / The Super Blues Universe

  17. Hi lady! Okay πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for your tips! I will definitely be trying
    the reload of the huetiful steamer when it beeps πŸ™‚ I’ll make sure i have a
    jug of water nearby to not waste too much time fiddling about lol. Thanks
    so much for your compliments, you’re so lovely! and your support of my
    channel. I really appreciate you! πŸ˜€

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