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16 thoughts on “Natural hair How to Hair Styles: Locs, Cornrow, Plaits, Braids, Extensions & Cute Twists

  1. Is there names for different styles, like rows lowest in left 2:35? Iam
    gonna try to make those midle to the side cornrows later bymyself, when my
    hairs grow longer.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did the BIG CHOP! My natural hair is growing,
    I wish quicker so am taking biotin when I remember 5000mcg.Thanks for the
    inspiration to go back to the beginning. Peace and Natural!

  3. i love these great style s but y ot make like tutorials teaching viewers
    how to do the realy complicated designs the would be fun

  4. I AMA Ghanaian and I love that song and also it was some of ofori amponsah
    latest songs

  5. music is by Ofori Amponsah – “Emmanuella”, he’s from Ghana, West Africa

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