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4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Growth For Black Women | Senegalese Twist & Weave Box Braids | Get Longer Hair

  1. Great tips girlie I totally agree with you about not drenching the hair in
    water when in braids, i stopped doing that a long time ago, i think that
    it is counterproductive.

  2. great tips girl!! i used to be the queen of braids too the micros for like
    3 yrs lol but i didnt know what to do with my hair when i took it out so my
    hair didnt grow as much or should i say i didnt retain as much length as i
    should have, thankz for sharing i love protective styling its great!! :)

  3. There was a time when I wore weave braids for years at a time. In this
    AskTee video, I am sharing my experience with weave braids and how I got my
    hair get longer while wearing them.

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