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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair, Gray Hair, Transition Hair, Black Hair – Silver Beauty -Salt & Pepper – Khamit Kinks

  1. Beautiful! I myself have long, long Sisterlocks and I love them! I’ve never
    dyed my hair and let it grow in as it decided to. I’m 62 now with beautiful
    silver hair, a long mane down my back and almost to my waist. I get so many
    compliments from (surprise!) younger women who tell me they love the look
    and can’t wait until they go grey. Who’da thought?

  2. All of the women are gorgeous. Their hair is beautiful. I hope I look
    this good, and as good as my mother. lol

  3. Thanks for sharing this video I hope more women will see how beautiful
    silver hair can be. Count me in the gray natural hair list. Women see me
    and say they wish they could go gray, it their call. I love mine can you
    tell see my new profile picture. Happy New Year sisters, brothers and all

  4. I Love my gray hair after 7 years of dreds my hairs has been cut in a
    tapered style. I finally have the hang of it and the best products for me
    to use.

  5. LOL… I call it my money! Not giving up my silver as it grows in…my

  6. wow these women look good with their hair, im almost 60 and have little
    grey and also natural I look forward to my silver head

  7. I have not colored my hair in years. I am growing old

  8. *Learn to Reverse your Graying Hair*
    *With an Easy Method – 100% Guaranteed!*

  9. I used my last box of hair color to cover my grays over a month ago and I
    plan to returns the box I bought two weeks ago because I am letting it grow
    it gray! I only wish I had done it years ago because I’d have a beautiful
    head of gray and silver by now but it’s better later than never. I’m 52 now
    and looking forward to being a natural gray from now on. You look

  10. Beautiful video! That was me featured at about counter 2:32 back in 2010.
    This is what my hair looks like now. I started graying when I was about 11
    years old. I’m 50+ now and it’s been coming in beautifully ever since.
    There are so many different tones of gray; in my opinion, no two are
    exactly alike. Thank you for taking the time to capture the beauty of some
    of them!

  11. How do you make your gray beautiful I am sixty black woman . With gray
    around the edges natural hair. Thank you for helping me see the beautifty
    in gray hair

  12. Very very pretty. I have one silver strand at the front of my head, and am
    very much looking forward to an entire head full.

  13. Personally I don’t understand why some women dye their silver hair. It is
    strange to me because I get envious when I see a silver head pass by and go
    “Why can’t I have that?” Of course not everyone looks good with silver/gray
    hair… just as not everyone could pull off the blonde or red look. I’m one
    of the few who can pull off silver. I kid you not, I look ten years younger
    & had gotten carded more, when I had my bluish gun metal hair color than
    the times I was a blonde & then as a red head. ..

  14. @TheAfarensis Clairol may not have it, but color charm does. 😉 Anyways I
    wanted to tell you that I think your comment is very lovely. Thank you and

  15. I weren’t too happy about going grey so early in my 20’s so this video is
    an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  16. Thank you so much for this video! I decided to stop dying about two years
    ago and it’s always so good to see others that have decided to just leave
    their silver strands silver.

  17. Successfully embracing my natural hair took years. I’ll devote the same
    energy embracing the silver I see in my hair line. Well done and Thanks!

  18. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been coloring my hair every month to
    cover my gray along with a perm to smooth out the wrinkles. It has been a
    tradition in our family to become gray in our early twenties, so for me to
    have seen this absolutely beautiful and needed video of our silver crowned
    queens, before this coming year, is a blessing. Dedicating your love for
    yourself is the first step in transition. Thank you for allowing me to see
    my mirror.

  19. Love it! I’ve always embraced my gray as natural highlights =) Youthfulness
    is not the color of your hair. It is measured by your overall fitness,
    personality, and spirit. I’m 47 and ppl always think I’m in my late 20s,
    check out my videos!

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