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8 thoughts on “Natural Hair | Color Correcting Permanent Black Dye | ION Color Brillance Color Corrector

  1. Enjoyed this video. thanks sharing girl. i was scared for you when you
    tried the red and it didn’t come out. waiting on that updated video when
    you colour your hair again

  2. Thanks for video. This is good to know because I use the Ion Color
    Brilliance Purple semi-permanent dye and didn’t like the resultant color
    which was a browish purple color so I ended having the Pravana Purple put
    on over top of the Ion Color Brilliance dye to get a true purple color. I
    had my natural hair lightened to level 4. The resultant color as I
    mentioned I initially want happy with. I will order the Ion Color
    Brilliance Color Corrector & Pravana Color Removal to remove the Ion Color
    Brilliance & Pravana dyes when I decided to color my hair again. 

  3. TFS curl friend I’ve been getting the color itch want to try the
    SheaMoisture bright auburn but I’m do scared I won’t like it! It’s very
    easy to apply at home but I’ve been thinking maybe I need to go to the
    salon not sure what they will do differently Tho! Anywhoo happy your color
    correct work can’t wait to see that red head

  4. I just got this product, and I was looking for a good video on it. This is
    great! Thank so much!

  5. I dyed my hair and although I love the color I want my natural color back I
    enjoyed the vide

  6. This was an awesome video! I just bought this product so I wanted to get an
    true idea of how it would work.. How long did you leave it on? Thank you

  7. Hey guys so yeah this happened!! Check out how I attempted to color correct
    by hair by using ION Color Brilliance Color Corrector!

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