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25 thoughts on “Natural Hair Care Tips| Low Manipulation Styling

  1. Great tips! I do wash and go’s a lot and even that I think can be cut down
    on. I’m going to start doing more styles that last 2 or more weeks :)

  2. Low manipulation is the way to go for me as well. I only detangle my hair
    on wash day. Depending on humidity and how much my hair has shrunk over
    the week I may re-twist once to stretch my strands, but that’s very rare.
    I don’t detangle when I do this. I re-style as needed, with styles staying
    in two to three days most of the time. I don’t have a problem detangling
    either. Once my hair is wet and has conditiner in it, I can detangle
    easily. I have a lot of hair, so it takes a while, but it’s not too much

    I use the same method with my girls. Once I’ve put their hair in a style,
    it stays for a week (sometimes longer if it’s still neat). They have even
    less tangling because their hair is always braided or twisted, so there is
    minimal opportunity for strands to shrink up around each other.

    It’s a great way for me to manage my hair and my girls’ hair.

    – From a fellow “Lazy Natural” LOL

  3. I agree that low manipulation is key, but I have to say that I like
    definition so I re-twist my hair nightly. I still only de-tangle during
    wash day, and I retain length pretty well. 

  4. Thx for the tips! Although I must say that I retwist nightly when I wear a
    twistout. I don’t detangle at all until wash day. I retwist to keep my

  5. So many great tips! I’ve had “hand-in-hair” syndrome and low manipulation
    styling has saved my hair. I de-tangle mine on wash day (once a week) and
    also a light finger de-tangle in between washes. I usually style my hair on
    wash day then re-twist at night with a satin scarf over it. 

  6. I want to do this, but the only reason why i retest nightly or every couple
    of days is because my hair will lose “style”. How do you style your hair
    throughout the week? Could you do a video showcasing your routine for five
    week days?

  7. Thanks much. I felt also that daily manipulation was not right for me. In
    the past whenever I would leave my hair alone for 3 / 4 or more days, the
    next time I feel my hair I would notice that it has grown longer and
    fuller. I’m practicing low mani as we speak and my hair and I are much
    happier. 1LovefromdaUK :)

  8. If I do my jumbo twists–say 30, then I will detangle and redo every time I
    wash–twice a week. Right now I have in semi-mini twists which I will not
    detangle until I have had them in for 3 weeks–still washing 2 times a
    week. Thanks for the tips, very helpful!!!

  9. I retwist daily but only detangle when I wash every 2 weeks. I wish my hair
    could last a week, but nope lol. If I don’t retwist it looks a hot mess. 

  10. Thanks for sharing! I totally agree with low manipulation styling. In the
    winter, I usually protective style. Whenever I can, I stretch my detangling
    sessions to every two weeks, since my hair is mostly covered with hats and
    scarves anyway.

  11. I use to detangle and twist my hair twice a week. For the past 2 months
    I’ve been detangling my hair only once a week and leaving it in an up-do
    style in an effort to retain length. I am currently about 2 inches past
    collarbone length.

  12. I detangle about every week or every two weeks. when i put my two strand
    twists in i can go at least 3 weeks before i detangle then wash my hair
    again. it really just depends on how my hair feels. But i definitely do not
    detangle everyday. 

  13. I detangle my hair once a week. I usually retwist my hair nightly in bigger
    twists to maintain some type of definition as well as to stretch out my
    hair. Thanks for the video

  14. So, I pre-poo on Friday night, and Saturday is wash day ( you know that
    process). Sunday I usually wear it out for church, then I protective style
    Mon-Wed because it is cold now here where I live, then I wear it out
    Thursday and Friday, then Friday night I pre-poo, etc. 

  15. Hey love, your videos are awesome very useful tips. I too is a lazy natural
    lol and I’ve also tried/trying low manipulation styles. I do twist/mini
    twist or I wear my puff. I love being natural way more than relaxed only
    thing it’s a lot more work but I’m willing to do what it takes to have
    healthy natural hair. 

  16. Thanks so much. No matter how many times I’ve heard this it just takes
    that one time when it really clicks and this was it. I do understand now.
    So I will be going back to view your videos and I will stop twisting my
    hair nightly and detangling at the same time. Wow, no wonder I haven’t
    retained that much length in 3 years. Thanks again and keep the videos

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