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25 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR | BACK TO THE BASICS part one

  1. Leah if you or anyone else is comfortable being CONPLETELY BALD do you boo.
    My point is hair is more than just hair. Its apart of us. I didn’t say the
    hair had to be long. Hair is hair no matter the length. Now if someone bald
    takes offense to what I said, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I doubt you are
    fully bald by choice. Amber Rose rocked it though. It was still a hairstyle
    and she owned it. There are few people who chooses to be bald. So my point
    is hair is more than just hair. That’s it.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your series!!! As my boyfriend’s little girl’s hair is
    natural, I have to say it was quite intimidating not knowing how to take
    care of her hair. He mostly does it, but there are occasions where I have
    to do her hair. I have to say that your series has really helped take the
    fear away! Thank you so very much for all the information!! I’ll be
    looking for updates. I’m learning the braids and twists, and can’t wait to
    try what I’ve learned on her. Do you have any other places to look for
    cute styles?

  3. Do you have to big chop? Because I did single braids and I had it in for 3
    months but my hair wasn’t natural when I did it. So, when I took it out it
    was natural, I think all my perm were gone, but my mom said to keep
    braiding my hair & I’ll get my natural hair. But the question is do you
    have to big chop to go natural? 

  4. alexxxhes has been transitioning for Idk 3 years. Her hair is long enough
    but she hasn’t cut of the relaxed ends.

  5. Hi Yolanda. New to your channel, checking out your videos. Stop by my
    little spot on the Tube when you can 🙂

    Oh I have that necklace too! love it

  6. Where were you in 1979 🙂 I enjoyed all of videos, I’m accidental natural
    and loving my hair. Jan 13 I fell and broke my knee and elbow so I have
    been getting sew-in with out perms. Chop the perm and here I am back in the
    seventies again and loving it. I went navy and did a big chop in boot camp
    because it was damaged
    But thanks for your help products and styling and just you being you.

  7. I have to tell you thank you Yolanda Renee for all your help. I could not
    connect with anyone else, then I found you. You got my hair on track. I
    watched you over and over. I finally had the perm cut off and now its like
    I started all over again. Plus I have gray and white hair. It is not doing
    the same without the perm. I would love to be your GRAY HAIR MODEL. 

  8. You’re right, Yolanda.Yeah, It’s our hair, but it IS more than “just hair”.
    It’s EVERYTHING! No shade to those who say “It’s just hair”, but to Sistas
    like me, it’s everything. It’s a holistic experience. It directly effects
    the mind and the spirit right down to the psyche. Caring for the hair
    feeds our perception of who we are as Black women.

  9. my hair is smooth from roots to shaft…till you get to the ends then is a
    dried out sponge I put a lot of conditioner and oils on the ends and it
    eats them up…help!!

  10. Your a NEW natural or thinking of becoming natural or just like looking at
    a beautiful natural woman in her element watch theses series of videos…I
    promise you you won’t be disappointed…ENJOY…I DID!!

  11. I know you may didn’t mean to say but what’s wrong with walking around with
    no hair? I wear my hair very low when it’s hot and I feel whole. I know you
    didn’t mean it but I just wanted to say some May take offense but thanx for
    the video my daughter is natural and I got some things I learned for u.

  12. I know whatcha mean I just mini chop the back on Friday and its not easy as
    it looks with the different length trying to cut that relaxer off. I’m
    eight months post I’m leaving the rest for the professional in march for my
    one year annv. Love your vids they are very helpful indeed! 

  13. I dont think I’ve ever seen you do a braid out. That can be another basics
    video for you! Thanks for coming up with this idea, Im taking notes for
    everything. Ok, Im about to share and enter your contest!! 

  14. Love yoyr video series glad you ar e doing it. Everyone that is new or some
    of us not so new can learn thank you

  15. I love you! Please don’t take that the wrong way lol I just look up to you
    you’re my inspiration your videos are so helpful they are very informative
    and I just want to say thank you for this series not a lot of youtubers
    take time out to actually sit and break down the basics so thank you so

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