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25 thoughts on “Natural Colored Hair – *COLORING MY NATURAL HAIR BLUE!* 20,000 leagues under the sea

  1. Some of the comments here are misleading. Most store bought protein
    treatments/reconstructors will contain hydrolized protein, these will
    adhere to your hair better and are actually small enough to penetrate the
    hair shaft. Whole proteins found in food are not going to strengthen your
    hair as much. If your hair’s this damaged, they wouldn’t really help.

    You can buy hydrolized protein online or mix some gelatin with water. 

  2. Everyone who loves color knows yoir pain. I’ve had to big chop three times
    in 2 years color damage

  3. Throws computer .. NAILED IT!! Looks SOO good on you. About the damage if
    you got some money to spare I would just go to a salon every other week for
    some type of treatment. Or just deep condition with holy water. lol jk 

  4. After watching this video, I decided I’m going to dye my hair exactly like
    this soon. The color is bomb ass, and my mom loves it too. So I’ll give you
    a before and after but I’m not dying it until I can, I died my hair red
    like a month ago. But baby girl FUCK all these shady people, they wish they
    were you that’s why they throwing shade. I love you and your videos 

  5. No one has aright to bash you. We have all done some crap to our that’s
    ended up in damage. Your a sweet girl and your hair is cute. Let your soul

  6. Hey don’t feel bad about the hair damage. Heck no none of the Merpeople
    will bash you. I never really saw your videos as a tutorial, but rather I
    saw them as a demonstration of the funky, awesome things you do. You’re
    super adventurous with your hair, and I just love to watch in awe. We’ve
    all experienced damage at one point or another. You’ve got lovely hair, and
    it WILL grow back.

  7. Hey don’t worry 🙂 it’s really beautiful loooooks so pretty on you forget
    the damage, everyone make mistakes, and i don’t think that look horrible or
    something like that, looks actually pretty good, i love you and i love your
    videos!! 🙂

    PD: i know someone who bleached her hair 7 times!

  8. Do you think the soap bleach method will work on black hsir? How do you
    think it will turn out? I dyed my hair brownish red but now I have black
    semi permanent dye on it and I want my hair more dark blue or midnight.
    Also I’m natural but idk what type of curl pattern I have. Thank you♡♡

  9. you actually left the dye on in your sleep o_o? I know it was late at night
    but can you do that without hurting your hair?

  10. That is pretty…obviously you know what you are doing…every time you dye
    your hair I get scared that it will fall out but I am happy your hair is

  11. oh and i saw ur pics on instagram! how is your hair faring now? Any

  12. Last year In February, I bleached my hair to get it green. I bleached one
    side first,then ran out of bleach for the other half of my hair. (lol, that
    was just so stupid of me) After I bleached that side,it made it curly
    (which I loved). So I thought It would do the same for the other side of my
    hair, so I then I bleached that side, & instead of it giving me a curl
    pattern, it made that side of my hair completely straight. So now I have a
    curl pattern on one side & its straight on one side now!

  13. I am completely head over heels with this color. I know you feel bad about
    the damage, but it’s hair. It’ll bounce back and grow back.

  14. Your hair is so pretty especially in the twists!! alsoyour voice is super
    cute. Hope my hair gets as long as yours one day, going to subscibe!!

  15. Wow, ok. When I saw the damage you did to your hair I felt relief. I dyed
    my hair blue in August and left the bleach in for WAY too long, my curls
    went straight just like yours. Ive actually grown accustom to it but am
    deff still rehabing my hair. I dont shampoo. I use Organix vitamin B and E
    conditioners. I use the B first for moisture and then the E and leave it in
    to sit while I do everything else. After my shower I use Ogx Vitamin E
    penetrating oil and Miss Jessie Multicultural curls, I just let my hair
    absorb that overnight (I always shower at night). Its been some months now
    and my hair isnt brittle anymore and breakage has slowed. Alas, I am
    itchinggggg to dye my hair purple. The blue I achieved is a pretty light
    turquoise. So I guess my real question is do you think i need to lighten my
    hair to do a purple? (im thinking of using either manic panic electric
    amethyst, ultra violet, or violet night) And more importantly if i was
    obviously more careful about the time i left the bleach in my hair could i
    re bleach my hair again?

    Sorry this was long winded. Thanks for any advice!

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