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5 thoughts on “Natural Black Hairstyle for kids. I need advice on what products to use!

  1. I agree with Songstress1025! Those are some great brands to use. Natural
    just means you don’t put any chemicals in your hair to change the texture.
    I’ve been natural my entire life, but I used to straighten my hair all the
    time with a pressing comb and flat iron. The Cantu Shea Butter is a GREAT
    leave in conditioner! There aren’t any chemicals in that. It’s just a
    moisturizer. Mixed Chicks is amazing and helps curls really pop!

  2. What products does their mother use? You need a light weight oil Ie: Extra
    Virgin Olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil (really good oil) a good leave
    in conditioner (that Cantu you showed is a leave in conditioner not a reg.
    wash out conditioner) Use SULFATE FREE shampoo & conditioner. Mixed chicks
    has a brand for kids, Carols Daughter, & Taliah Waajid has natural hair
    products for kids too. Go to the Beauty Supply Store by your house Beauty
    Supply Warehouse. P.S. I didn’t hear my shout out lol

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