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25 thoughts on “Natural Black Hair Growth Regimen | Protective Style (hair loss in women)

  1. Whenever I get lazy and I watch one of your vids it motivates me to
    continue to maintain a routine. My water spritzing and oiling routine does
    work for me, but i get lazy at times and don’t follow it up and the hair
    suffers the consequences. But right now I have a protective style, but I
    think I may have damage my hair which I was tryin to revive for so long.

  2. What else do you mix with your CO? It looks like conditioner I love it and
    def need to do whatever u did! Your hair looks so healthy and thick 

  3. Your edges tho, are so thick and nice I envy you lol, but I am so glad it’s
    looking so nice and healthy after what you what through. So note to self:
    maintain healthy diet, keep hair moisturize, and low manipulation styling.

  4. Your hair is sooooo pretty! Wow! Watching your videos you have come along
    way, and you kept it simple and healthy! Great Video!

  5. Your hair has grown sooo much and gotten a lot thicker. I’m so happy for
    you!!!!! It really doesn’t look like you have Alopecia! 

  6. So inspired by your videos. I should be 5month post shaven big chop but had
    a setback and shaved again last week. At what month did you find you were
    protective styling like this and what did you do before you were able to
    twist, to protect the hair? Thanks on advance 

  7. Question tho: you said you keep your twist in for about a month, don’t you
    get any fuzziness after a week or two?

  8. Your hair is coming along nicely! Looks very healthy! As a fellow sufferer
    from alopecia, this gives me hope. When you put the twists in your hair, do
    you wash your hair in twists? Do you have any buildup? thanks for sharing!!

  9. Glad to see that your hair journey is going well. You are a very well-
    spoken person and make great videos. All the best!!

  10. your hair line is perfect. no breakage. my hair is long but my hair line is
    not great. you can see from my videos that I have to work on it. what do
    you do to keep your hair line?

  11. I have been watching your videos since you big chopped I’m so proud of you.
    You are really an inspiration to me. Lol I cannot wait for me to reach your

  12. Girl you give me hope that my hair will grow back. I just did my 2nd big
    chop a few months ago (Like 3 months) and I’m just waiting for it to get
    long again. Love your progress!

  13. OMG your hair is growing soo nicely!! yess i love leaving my hair alone you
    are doing a great job girl keep it up! 🙂 thankz for sharing! :)

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