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25 thoughts on “Natural Black Hair Growth Journey- 5 Month Natural post Big Chop ( September 1 2013)

  1. My hair came out really bad from braids and weaves. Do u have any
    suggestion? I cut my hair really low its been 2 months now and its still
    thin in some areas. Im on my sister’s utube account lol bt My name is
    Latonya can u help me?

  2. *gasp* You disappeared on me!!! I tried to find you on your old channels.
    So glad to see you again! =)

  3. I have alopecia too (hasn’t shown in years) and the way mine was cured was
    with a steroid shot in the balding spots and a topical ointment called
    Betamethazone (not sure of spelling). It worked awesome but your growth is
    amazing! Keep on pushing on! 

  4. Just viewed your 5 month natural post video, your hair looks amazing,
    this is a true testimony that your hair can come back and remain. I am so
    happy for you! Keep sharing and spreading the word. M:)uch love

  5. Your hair looks thick and healthy! Honestly, if you didn’t point it out to
    us we wouldn’t know your hair was thinning anywhere 🙂 

  6. Im so very happy for you!! You look great! What an inspiration you are to
    me! I had alopecia on the top crown of my head and thanks to natural oils
    mine has regrown where no hair would grow and stay! Im subscribed and a

  7. I enjoy everyones “2 cents”, including yours 🙂 I know you ladies are
    trying to help and that means a lot to me. It always makes Mondays
    interesting and you know I like to communicate with you ladies too 😀
    Please do try it for them. It worked great for me. Thank you for your
    encouragement xoxo

  8. Ah no problem. I just got my laptop up and running again so ill be on here
    more often and im working on a project for my YouTube account. . So that’s
    another reason I haven’t been on here a lot. But anyways lol Glad to see
    your doing well. And hopefully everything is also going well for you

  9. Drink a 4ounch protein shake for breakfast and lots of water and you will
    see thickness and RETAIN your new growth and ends. Its working for me!

  10. I just want to commend you on your journey, growing up I knew of a few
    people that have alopecia and they did not embrace it as you have. I just
    want to say kudos to you and keep doing what your doing because there are
    many women out there that need your videos to inspire them. 🙂

  11. Thank you! I am using the same ol’– Black soap & peppermint mix, JBCO and
    my shea butter mixture. I am drinking tons of water and taking vit E
    (mainly for my skin), zinc and B12. I will do a video with my updated
    regimen, when I figure out what it is for sure and what supplements I am
    taking. But this is it for now.

  12. yes girl hair getting thick for sure! and cant even see a thin’d spot. what
    products are you using now!?

  13. Hey hun, great tip! I honestly don’t comb my hair, unless it’s for these
    monthly vids. I try not to because in the thinning area there is a bit of
    sorness and my hair is super thin there. I don’t want to break it off. Yes,
    my hair shrinks as well..lol Our hair is prob. similar indeed. Thank you
    for writing. It’s always nice to hear from you ladies 😀 Stay in touch xox

  14. tea tree oil is very very strong though you have to use only a few drops
    and mix it with another oil or hair grease

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