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25 thoughts on “Natural Black Hair Growth Journey- 15 Month Natural post Big Chop (Jan 2015)

  1. growing lovely as ever. Mine is breaking right now cus I haven’t been
    treating it too good and it reallly is in need of a trim. But I’m so happy
    that your hair and you are healthy and looks good.

  2. Oh my your hair is soooo thick and gorgeous! I wish I had thick hair.
    Amazing progress! 

  3. Hey Jass your hair looks amazing! !! Im sooo happy for you! !! I’m glad
    that things are also going well for your personally. How was your trip to
    Panama?? I remember you saying that your family was going there for a
    while. I’m not sure if your still there. I would love the opportunity to go
    to another cultural environment for a while, it seems to have done you some
    good. I don’t think I seen the video of your shea moisture mix. My hair is
    kind of growing back it’s so hard to tell. I have a consultation this week
    with a natural hair stylist to see what she recommends that I do with my
    hair either keep it and wear protective styles until the rest catches up.
    Either way it goes im just ready for healthier hair. Well you take care and
    continue to be blessed.

  4. Im happy to see you getting better! Watching your video’s always give me
    hope everytime i feel like giving up i always come and watch one of your
    videos I’ve been taking better care of my body now. Im sick now cuz my body
    isn’t used to the change but I’ll get better soon. I cut out all fast foods
    and sodas so all im eating is like veggie burgers and tofu and i drink lots
    of water and Gatorade. I’ve been working out but its been getting really
    cold out so i just run up and down the stairs lol. Anywho im sending you
    positive vibes i hope all goes well for you and your family this year!

  5. I am extremely happy for you I know you were dealing with your hair and
    your alopecia situation and I know it was tough for you and, I’m seeing all
    this hair on your head and honey am so excited for you ,keep up the good
    work luv

  6. Hello Jass are you going to sell any of the Shea butter mix because I too
    have alopecia and I have lost the crown of my head and it’s so hard too
    have too wear wigs all the time, but I don’t have a choice anymore:( Thanks
    so much for sharing. I’m happy for your hair growth and your family getting
    back together. May God richly bless you and your family.

  7. Hi Jess. I have been following your videos for a while. I am having
    problems with my hair. I have had two bald spots at my temples for the last
    year. My hair around it is growing but i find its a bit thin as well. I am
    contemplating whether to shave my hair and see what happens. Any advice?

  8. yesss omg your hair has gotten thick and longer thats great!! :)) wow!!
    thank you for sharing sis!! 🙂 xoxo

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