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25 thoughts on “Natural Black Hair Growth Journey- 1 Year Natural post Big Chop (Sept 2014)

  1. Hey Jass, I’d like to help a friend out who has alopecia. Congrats on all
    your hard work and your success. Your hair is beautiful. I’m curious to
    know what kind of hair pill you take to help your hair grow back?

  2. Love to see how ur hair is growing, nice n thick. You using any particular
    vitamins or products? I recently started using biotin and msm bout a 1 1/2
    month ago and it seems to be working. I jus did a length check vid too,
    never did one before per-say cus i’m mo concerned with havin healthy hair
    than lengthy hair.

  3. YAY!!!! Congratulations!!! You’ve worked so hard on your hair and I’m happy
    to see it paying off!!!

  4. It has grown in nicely, may I ask out of all the things you tried since you
    began your journey what would you attribute to your hair growing back? I
    know you tried a few different things what do you think worked for you? I
    am experiencing what I think is alopecia for the 1st time in my life. I
    have a dr. Appointment next week to get a ” proper” diagnosis but I would
    like to get started on thinking about what I can do organically to recover
    from this. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, you are so brave.

  5. Beautiful hair. I have been natural since Nov 2012 but I live in New Mexico
    where it’s dry. I cannot retain length. My hair is still very short. Your
    hair has a curl pattern. Mine is 4c…no pattern, coily and dry. Any

  6. You better work that fro!!! You’re hair looks so healthy and thick, your
    hard work definitely shows. Very inspiring…

  7. Thanks so much! I’ll try it all. I’m in New Mexico between Arizona and
    Texas. No Mexico for me but its still warm here. I appreciate your help and

  8. Awesome hair growth I am in the process of getting the black soap so that I
    may also make your shampoo. 

  9. OMG!! Jass your hair looks AMAZING! Honestly i have been watching u from
    the start and ur hair has come a long way. my alopecia is filling in as
    well. U R such an encouragement to me. Thank u 

  10. So happy for your growth! I too, have been watching your journey and it’s
    very encouraging for my own :-)

  11. ooooo wow beautiful your hair is soo thick its growing very nicely! very
    nice looking forward to your lengtth check vid thankz for sharing!!!

  12. You better work that fro!!! You’re hair looks so healthy and thick, your
    hard work definitely shows. Very inspiring…

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