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25 thoughts on “Natural Black Hair Care Tips 101: A Spiritual Perspective

  1. I’m Hispanic, I love the message you have for Black woman and your skin and
    hair looks amazing…I love to see Black woman in there natural look I
    think there beautiful woman…I never thought that the hair extensions or
    wigs were doing Black woman any justice ….I have listen to you and I can
    glean from your message for myself as a woman on how we should respect our
    selves and take care of our God given bodies Thank you.

  2. What a beautiful message about self-love. I am going natural this week and
    I am excited to finally be free. I needed you message as I begin this
    journey. Thanks from Detroit, Michigan!

  3. Thanks for this insprational video. I have been natrual for almost 15 years
    and could never get my hair to grow, I guess it grew but never knew how to
    maintain length. You are so right on point when you say wearing your own
    hair is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself and its
    everlasting.. You have some of the GREATEST skin I have ever seen. I am a
    woman somewhat of a carmel color , my Mother is just about your
    complextion, Darker color skin when maitained is the best.. and yours is
    I love it.. My husband is trying to understand my going and staying natural
    as is my whole family. My textrue is Nappy , Nappy..LOL I guess the tube
    call it 4c or some craziness like that. I’m just learning this past year
    2013 how to maintain and keep length, its a wonderful thing. I’m working on
    eating healthier.. “not there yet”.. I drink tons of H20.. I really like
    your channel and will stay tuned.. Not on twitter or face page, not really
    sure how to use them but will watch all your videos ..Thanks so much for
    all you positive input on black hair..

    God Bless

  4. Great video,thanks:) I made a great combination of all my essential oils
    for hair and skin,and have great results!Jojoba,olive,coconut oil,shea
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  5. Since going mostly raw my hair grows nice, skin clear, Better sleep. Will
    you be making hair oils and body oil soon. I have bought your products and
    they are very nice.

  6. You are gorgeous! i love the jewelry. Say that sisa.. me too.. to be
    natural and love our hair. we been conditioned to hate our hair and call it
    nappy. in reality its STRONG

  7. i am so thankful to youtube and to you and others like you because Girl i
    was messing up my dam hair for years. You are so right preach girl. I wasnt
    taught to care for my hair

  8. good video, however I don’t think natural hair takes longer to take care
    of. perms/weaves/etc takes a lot of time, stress, money, energy to upkeep.

  9. On the next new moon cycle I plan to shave my head and allow it to grow
    back as it wills. I am beginning my Raw journey tomorrow. So my hair and my
    body mind spirit will become new together!!!! thanks as always Princess!!!
    much love and respect Taalibah Qatadah

  10. @CutiePieZphi Thank you so much for the suggestions. I am definitely going
    to to look for this product. Yes, I have been watching sister naptural85
    lately. I love her so much. I will continue to watch. Peace

  11. The antenna to God…when she spoke that truth, my soul soared! That’s what
    it’s all about. Beautifully articulated. Beautifully informative.
    Beautifully true. My spirit has been fed and lifted. Thank you so much.

  12. Thank you. I appreciate your service…. I just started my journey back to
    my natural hair, I am excited too… Some days are better than others.
    However with guidance from sisters like you. I know all is well. Again,
    thank you. Abundant blessings. Much Love…

  13. yeah stay away from any products that say they are for niggas. Those are
    the ones that mess up the black haircare follicle. i use mexican hair
    products the ones you find at walmarts for $2.00 they are GREAT

  14. oh hi u mentioned something about making your own hair product, pls how can
    i make shear or cocoa butter for my hair and my skin?

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