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25 thoughts on “My Top 5 Healthy Hair Tips for Natural Hair

  1. Genetics do play a role . Much less on how less black you are but how fast
    hair grows in your family . Regardless of race . 

  2. Great points. I passed everything but the low manipulation. Does doing
    different natural styles like flat twist and mega puff count? Because I
    switch on the regular? 

  3. Do you have any advice for people that have areas of thinness? I used to
    thick hair but after years of perms the front and top near my crown is
    thin. It is definitely not as bad as it used to be but it is thin at the
    root. Thank you for uploading your videos. I appreciate the help with my
    transition. =)

  4. hi, i literally love your videos, your hair is beautiful!! my only
    complaint is you dont show the details, Like how you wrap your ends or how
    you sleep with your twist outs etc., please do that i need the help!!

  5. Thank you so much +MahoganyCurls™ . As one who’s been natural since 2011,
    I’ve been on and off and these tips definitely are true. The last point is
    especially true! Be blessed.

  6. That was an excellent video, and awesome tips ever. She really went into
    detail and I learned a lot.

  7. The reason why her hair always looks so beautiful and perfect, is bc she
    spent the time to learn her own hair, and built up the levels of moisture
    retention in her hair using the *curly girl method* when she first became
    natural. She now has max hydration in her hair, which is why it is frizz
    free and well moisturized. Anyone with curly hair can reach max hydration,
    no matter the hair type, porosity, or dryness. so dont think that she has a
    perfect curl pattern or its bc her curls are looser that shes able to
    acheive a frizz free look. Frizz is a condition of hair, not a hair type,
    so even girls who claim to have *4c* hair can build up the moisture levels
    in their hair, and achieve max hydration. The problem is, *not enough
    naturals know this*, especially the tighter coiled ones.

    Check out *akedafitgirl*, *danabnatural*, and *curlykelz* channels on
    youtube for examples of naturally dry and tight, low porosity curls that
    have tranformed into truly moisturized hair that can retain its moisture
    better. The first two channels especially offer a lot of good information
    on their channel about their regimines and how they have made the cg method
    work for them. Its important for naturals to start accepting and learning
    their natural curls and how to improve moisture retention in their natural
    curls *first*, and with that will come the ease of managibilty and success
    in many styles, that many of us are looking for.

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