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25 thoughts on “My Tips for Growing Long Healthy Natural Hair

  1. Yes love! Just subbed i am three years natural next week WOOP WOOP, put
    heat on coming to 4 times (once a year) blow drying yearly. I have a
    channel and you can go to my viewers favourites list to see what my viewers
    like if ya like 🙂 I subbed cos i too like your personality and you was
    just spitting out that truth which is what i too has learnt over these past
    three years having the best hair ever on my head due to the research i did
    😉 And yes, no rubberbands WORD! I leant that from “shimahair” here on
    youtube back in 2011 she was speeching and i was running to my bin
    (trashcan, i’m British) throwing away all my rubberbands as she was saying
    on the laptop “throw them awayy!” lool!! Too funny! :))
    Very helpful tips!! Cheers! Yes i’m on the stage where i am loving high top
    bun which i will share soon but cough cough i need bangs, BANGS TRANSFORMS
    MY FACE PROPER!! My damn hair won’t lay! AND YES I TREAT MY HAIR LIKE A
    MEMBER OF THE FAMILY!! I ain’t playing, a! Our hair is QUEENS NO FUSS!! ;DD
    I feel you HAAA!!

  2. lovveeeee your personality , new subbie . But i have found that sew ins
    have encouraged my hair to grow o.o (shruggs) or maybe its when i unveil it
    after 2 or 3 months that im surprised.. No damaged edges or thinness to my
    hair.. But anyone reading my comment beware my hair is extremely thick (3a
    to 3c)

  3. So i have a question. I find myselg getting very impatient when detangling
    but even when i feel like im being gentle my hair always snags or snaps!!
    Its soo frustrating, please tell me is my hair just weak as heck or am i
    just plain old rough. Idk! Help!!

  4. have been growing my natural hair for two years now,i really love ya
    inspirations and am a black girl with 4c hair type i think but i think its
    not growing that well it suddenly slowed down recently am in Russia and
    want to ask how i can maintain my hair this winter i just need help was
    thinking putting on weave but……. that’s not your advice so what do you
    thin.i have a hair regime but don’t think its helping.

  5. I loved your video and I love your hair. Your video helped alot in making
    feel confident that I can start my journey with my hair. Hopefully I can
    keep you posted with my progress. 

  6. Honey you are amazing. I have been looking for tips on maintaining my seven
    yr daughter natural hair which she really wants to straighten as it seems
    easier to handle. Your information has been very very helpful. Will follow
    and see how it goes.. thanks slot and keep up the great work.. U just got
    yourself a new subscriber 

  7. You are beautiful with a great personality. Would you be open to doing a
    health and fitness video? 

  8. Can I just say thank you for this video? In my life, I’ve always been
    pushed and persuaded to straighten my hair, curl it, weave it, you name it.
    This is the first time since I was 11 that I’ve fallen in love with my
    natural hair, and I’m 19 now. But no lie; after watching your video, I feel
    so much more inspired and I want to continue letting my real hair down.
    Thank you! ^.^

  9. Your hair is gorgeous! My hair is thin and I always wished I could make it
    this full. I have fun with styling my fine hair.

  10. Hey DeLaurian I love this video. You are such an inspiration to me
    already. I am glad I was able to watch your video and get more ideas to
    grow my hair longer. I have been natural for years and continue to do
    research on how to keep my natural hair looking healthy. You are such a
    beautiful women inside and out. :)

  11. When i was younger i was always flat iron my hair and they was long they
    were at my boobs but i have abuse of the heath and i have burn my hair and
    they were so much damaged they break off i have cut at my shoulders and i
    have no choice i have reduce heat but now i never use heat and i deep
    condition and i really take care off my hair i use the loc method and i
    have start to tcheke the composition of the product i use and they are
    healthy now btw your hair is so beautiful and i really like your
    personnality xx

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