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25 thoughts on “My New CUT + COLOR | Balayage on Natural Hair | What To Expect

  1. Oh Hey!! New Upload! [Natural Hair] <3 My New CUT + COLOR | Balayage on
    Natural Hair | What To Expect! Xo!! <3

  2. She says her hair was so heavy in the back. WHAT? Isn’t the purpose of
    going natural to possibly grow long healthy hair, is that not supposed to
    be the outcome? All that sacrifice to then cut and dye the hair. I would
    off never stopped relaxing then. Anyway, I haven’t relaxed in a year and a
    half but don’t care if women decide to relax, I was just wondering that’s
    all. But her hair is still beautiful, nevertheless

  3. I still don’t understand why you felt the need to hide that fact that you
    colored your hair. Is it because you were waiting to make a video on it??

  4. I love it! One side looks like you have more colour than the other side,
    but I completely understand what you mean by it being scary lol

  5. I will be 3 years natural in oct and I have been watching you since day
    one. I love how normal and real you are as a person, your hair is just a
    bonus! You inspire me to be a better person and love my hair even more,
    your cut and color are amaze balls!!!! 

  6. i like the cut, but the highlights dont look natural. the placement is ok,
    but they are blonde highlights on black hair, not sure if thats the look
    you were going for. but thank you for sharing some info

  7. We just love you; keep giving us “fever” with your lovely Loc’s ! Loving it
    and I am looking to cut soon as well and your cut is a push in the right
    direction! Thank you for going hard for the NATURAL Ladies; nothing ever
    wrong with change in the right direction!!!!!! Much love and keep pressing
    sweet lady!

  8. Hi. Going to be in NY for a couple of weeks and I’d like to get a cut.
    Loving how yours came out and the cutting method you described. How can I
    find your cousin’s stylist? Please n thank you ♡

  9. I have watched this vid 4 TIMES, I just can’t stop watching it!! Your hair
    is AMAZING!! This is the first time I just wanted to reach out and touch
    someone’s hair on you tube. The shape is to die for and that color tho’!
    OMG, can’t wait to see what a twist out looks like!!

  10. Love it! I’ve been debating for weeks now about getting my hair dyed (for
    the first time too) because I’m so scared to damage it. But now that I see
    you’re okay with it, I think I may give it a try!

  11. +Naptural85 ok so I’ve been watching your videos…like old videos (from
    years ago) and it’s crazy to see how long your hair has grown! I saw an old
    video that you had about a hot oil treatment, but I didn’t know what the
    ingredients were. Could you do an updated hot oil treatment video? 

  12. I’m so glad you went to Devachan for your cut! I went to them for my big
    chop and I loved it! 

  13. When Whitney says she’s going to do something, she gets it done! Cut,
    color, straighten, styles w/ heat, product endorsement, she said a change
    was gonna come and a change has come!

    Girl, you leave the haters speechless lol. You look amazingly gorgeous as
    always. I’m glad you did something you always wanted to do with your hair,
    isn’t that what loving your hair is all about? 🙂 Forget the natural hair
    Nazis and the rules on what natural hair can or can’t do as Shameless Maya
    would say, do you boo!

    I’ve never dyed my hair either btw, my hair is lighter than yours w/ random
    light parts and more grays than I would like. Maybe I’ll do like RiRi and
    just go platinum. :)

  14. Calm down Whitney…You wear it well.
    The color looks Amazing. Your hair is beautiful as always.
    It can only get better. It will grow on you.
    Love you keep those videos coming girl. You never have anything to be
    ashamed of.
    You give us so much positive inspiration and motivation.

  15. Can you please plllleeaaaseeee share the salon/stylist’s info in your next
    video! She did a fantastic job!!!!

  16. Your curl pattern is gonna get back, well mine did.. I never got a perm or
    relaxer in my life (My mom doesn’t like it and u started tl not like it
    too).. I first dyed my hair in Dec 2013 …then again March & June ( same
    color) I used a guess made for hair with texture… then A few weeks ago I
    put honey blonde at the ends(well a little higher) and right after I got
    done conditioning/deep conditioning (no shampoos ) My curls bounced right
    back… Love your color it help your curls pol more 

  17. I’m proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone! I love the haircut
    and the highlights are cute! Your wash n go looks so much better with you
    new cut! : )

  18. I would like to see what your twist out and curl former curls look like
    with the color. Are you planning to show us?

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