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24 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Care Regimen For Healthy Hair!

  1. Oh no woman. You need to care what shampoo you use!. That and all of your
    products you put into or on your body. Colored women are getting fibroid
    tumors and interruptions in endocrine systems…making you infertile, in
    pain and more than you can Google. There are so many paraben free, VEGAN,
    not animal tested products out there. You will be pretty heads with cool
    hair with health issues later on. Just warning you. Be smart!

  2. i love creme of nature but not that shampoo. the original bottles were
    better for my hair

  3. I agree with” you have to listen to your hair” strict regimens are not for
    me. Love your hair in this video!

  4. Great Hair Tips! I need to do better with my hair!!! I need to try the
    Aphogee!!That GLOW, Red Lips, the HOOPS, & your HAIR is giving me LIFE!
    Goneeee NEiicey!

  5. Yasssss I kay loveeee extra Version olive oil for my hair. My dad is like
    “don’t you cook with that” yessss lol great video

  6. Great regimen, I will agree that the creme of nature shampoo is the best
    shampoo I have ever used period, it definitely works for all hair types.

  7. lol at the sucking teeth but great regimen but agreed if my hair starts
    acting crazy imma do what i have to do to get it back to normal lol

  8. Really great video!! I will also try flat ironing my hair at least 2 times
    a year just for a change. Change is really good for the soul. You looked
    beautiful by the way as usual!! 

  9. I LOVE CREAM OF NATURE WITH ARGAN OILLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Makes my hair so soft
    and manageable, which is important for me because mine likes to tangle and
    dry out -__-

  10. Thanks for the video :). How long do you leave the aphogee 2 min
    reconstructor on your hair for ? It says 2 minutes but some people leave it
    longer. Do you deep condition straight after using the 2 min reconstructor
    or before ? I have a bottle but I’m still trying to figure out the right
    way to use it.

  11. When you use your hot oil treatment, do you wash and condition after then
    deep condition overnight in the same day?

  12. I can not believe how similar our hair regimens are. I protein treat weekly
    though. I also alternate the SM shampoo with a cowash

  13. nice and informative video. I am terrible with my hair and don’t know what
    to do with it. My hair is dry for no reason, and it hasn’t grown in years
    sadly. Sigh

  14. Hey Neiicey! I was wondering if you had any tips for thin hair? My hair is
    so thin and when I try to do natural hair styles, they come out looking so
    flat and not as good as I want it to look. So, I was just wondering if you
    had any tips on how to get fuller hair. Thank you!

  15. So apparently there is formaldehyde in suave almond butter
    conditioner……..and i dont care because its one of the few conditioners
    that detangles and softens my hair…meh *shoulder shrug*
    ..also could you consider doing a 2014 updated products video? :D

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