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25 thoughts on “My Healthy Natural Hair Growth and Care Tips | Length Retention

  1. Great video!! I have long hair that I double twist in cornrow style and
    wear up under wigs all the time. Maybe twice a year I will wear my natural
    hair just stretched for some people dying to see my natural at work. The
    key to growing really long hair is LOW MANIPULATION!!! I can’t stress that
    enough to my daughter who constantly is awed by my hair. I double twist it
    and leave it 2 weeks and then I wash and condition it by sections. I have
    to re twist for 2 days with leave in conditioner coconut oil, shae butter,
    and water after washing to restore my moisture balance and then I am good
    to go…adding moisture only to the ends of the 10 twists. The key people

  2. Tiajonay, my daughter’s hair keeps breaking and not growing. what are the
    right products, and steps as in how to help it grow?

  3. I think I just experienced my first hairgasm!(blush). Very very good advice
    and cool special fx. Big thumbs up on your hair progress.

  4. I love your hair sweetie, I am taking my locs down verses the big chop. I
    wanted much needed information on how to care for my natural hair. you have
    beautiful hair and please keep informative videos that include hair styles.

  5. it’s been a year since i started my natural hair journey and i just can’t
    find anything that goes with my hair. i feel like giving up sometime but i
    keep on trying product after product but do you have any advice for me p.s
    I’ve tried the natural hair before but gave up last year. My problem is my
    hair keep breaking every time i wash it and i don’t know what to do.

  6. You should try the loc method. L-Liquid, water, spray O-Oil, olive, castor,
    C-cream, shea, mango

  7. your hair growth is awesome. i have been trying to MAKE my hair grow for
    roughly for years now, and nothing. I do all the stuff folks on here say
    [moisturize before washing, part in sections, olive oil, shea butter, etc.
    etc.]. I am taking vitamin and mineral supplements to boost my immune
    system and have now added biotin. All I can see is that simple 1 inch of
    growth over the past 7 [or so] years, plus TONS of breakage and falling out
    when I wash. Your hair and your efforts are gorgeously great! Thanks for
    the video.

  8. I’ve tried wash n go twice and it’s not my thing either. Lots of tangling
    and knotting too. Great video.

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