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25 thoughts on “My Hair Care Routine for Long & Healthy Hair (highly requested!)

  1. Wow you have the most beautiful long hair I have ever seen. I was actually
    like ‘WOW’ good work. I didn’t watch the whole video because I’m not
    looking to have long beautiful girly hair lol but 8mins is good for a
    handsome guy (cough,cough) to watch something like this ;)

  2. I think it is important for you to start your videos with your ethnicity
    because whether that is your real hair or not, the question in most
    people’s mind is “..but is she black.” Because people want a video that is
    going to help them and if they are not sure of your ethnicity, then they
    may not look at your video. Surely, you must get that question all the time
    and whether it is politically correct or not, some races naturally have
    better length retention and faster growth than others. In addition, I
    think, you look Puerto Rican or Latino or even half black and half white.
    So, please don’t be offended and if it isn’t too much, let us know what
    ethnicity you are. Thank you. 

  3. good looking girl and that long hair dang woman should allways wear long
    hair like this it makes a woman very very sexy my gf has also so long hair
    just a bit longer then urs but really long haired girls are the sexy ones i
    dont like short hair cuts by girls very sexy woman really 

  4. Im sorry i cried like a baby watching this i used to have long hair just
    like this two three years ago 🙁 and i cut it like a dummy omg i miss my
    hair ..dont ever cut it :(

  5. Do you ever miss your curls? Also does it dry straight? Like after a shower
    or if it rains a lot does it dry ‘bone straight’ like it is there?

  6. Your hair is like…butter? Haha I don’t know the word to describe it, but
    it looks so smooth and perfect! Jealousy going through the roof right now!

  7. Hi Gabbie! I m a new subscriber! I loved your videos!! But especially loved
    the fact that you being so sweet and humble! And I liked to see that you
    respond to the comments of your subscribers because it shows that you have
    a connection with them! And it makes each one feel special. And thats what
    they need! Sorry for any mistake because I’m Portuguese 🙂 A kiss with
    love, Daniela

  8. sooo glad i found your channel! i stumbled upon your comment while looking
    up some videos, i happened to click on a mcdonalds hot sauce packet video
    (so random i know, but i was having a burrito with the sauce and somehow
    lead to a “is it expired 23 years video” omg) i’m grateful to have clicked
    on your channel. you’re such a great youtuber and deserve a million
    subscribers, honestly. thank you for the hair tips because your hair is
    insanely gorgeous. i’ve been binge watching a lot of your other videos too.
    much love!

  9. Your hair is beautiful! I cut my hair 2 years ago up to my shoulder and
    been growing it back out. It’s about 3 inches from my butt now. I have very
    curly hair like you and may wanna try the liscio. So your hair air dries
    straight now? Do you wrap your hair at night?

  10. I love your hair I want my hair long like your because I trying to get my
    hair long and it short how did you do your hair long and pretty

  11. Damn girl you a teeeeeeen. Lmao but seriously. You seem like your very
    sweet and caring. Consider me subscribed :)

  12. Aaaaahhhh!!! That macadamia deep conditioner!!!
    I tried a sample pack and I swear a choir sang as soon as it made contact
    with my hair!!
    It’s so expensive though!

  13. When you wash your hair and it’s still wet, you said it’s bone straight,
    but I mean, do you just dry it, and it’s straight like in the video? 

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