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25 thoughts on “My Girls: Natural Hair Grew Butt Length (NOT MIXED)

  1. +MrsBrit1 Thank you and Welcome to my Channel!! My youngest daughter loves
    the spotlight. ;-)

  2. Lol They are so pretty! Your youngest daughter made me laugh at how excited
    she seemed to be about being on camera XD I was like that when I was

  3. OMG they are adorable!! Their hair is so pretty, props to you for keeping
    two heads of hair in great shape :D

  4. are they tender headed , i have a 10 year old client that her mother wants
    to keep her hair in its natural state but she wont do it , i just started
    working with her and omg she is so tender headed she cried until she said i
    have no more tears i had to stop doing her hair and pinned it up until the
    following day i felt as if i was abusing this poor girl please send me some
    tips to my email box cynceresista10@gmail.com Thank You Cheron

  5. beautiful girls with beautiful hair..i just found ur channel and im almost
    through with all ur vids – please keep them coming

  6. Yey more actual blk/african ppl with actual kinky hair not mixed women
    talking about natural kinky hair when they really have wavy hair yey. I
    just bought your bar.

  7. Lol your little one loves the camera, the older one is like, “Peace, I’m
    outta here!” LOL too cute! I love all of ya hair!

  8. Happy to find your Channel !!! It will be very useful for me and my lil
    girl she is 2 . I just subscribed to your channel. I big choped on 25june
    2014 i’m mixed

  9. Beautiful Mommy and beautiful daughters! You are gifted in hair care,
    You are so on point with the fact that our hair can grow to great lengths
    given the proper care. May you be blessed for sharing your tips with

  10. You have beautiful girls. I have two girls 2 and 3 how can I grow their
    hair I really need some advice thank you!

  11. Thank you! Someone To Prove Stereotypes Wrong. Also Adorable To Have These
    Littles Girls Modeling 

  12. Hi there, love your videos! Have you always used the same regimen on your
    daughters? Also, after your regimen, do you find your hair to be very
    moisturized without using a leave in conditioner? Thank you

  13. Your daughters are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing your knowledge
    of natural hair and your success growing your hair and your daughters hair
    to such beautiful lengths. Many blessings!

  14. Wat Product yu use they hair I really need in my girls hair I been trying
    to get they hair to long like that for a long time now and nothing I work
    can yu help me

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