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25 thoughts on “My Favorite Natural Hair Products | Updated 2014

  1. vous avez des beaux cheveux mais c’est dommage que vous ne les coiffez
    jamais , jamais vu un joli coiffure sur vos beaux cheveux!

  2. Your flax seed gel and shea butter recipes are my must haves for my hair! I
    love them both and it gives my hair a shine out of this world!

  3. I’ve been following along for a few years now. One thing that is a struggle
    for me is my scalp. With in 2 days my scalp is gross (buildup irritation
    flakes). Even back when I was getting my hair pressed my hair could go for
    2cweeks, but I always had to go in because of my scalp. What can I do?

  4. Love your hair. You look like you are glowing in this video or perhaps it’s
    the lighting but looks great either way. Great tips ive seen alot of the
    videos for the homemade recipes you mentioned. Xoxo

  5. +Naptural85 Can you please let me know where you purchase your unrefined
    shea butter. Thank you

  6. Where do you purchase your raw shea butter from? I’ve been looking online
    and lots of people have bad experiences with vendors on amazon and stuff

  7. IC Fantasia Brazilian Keratin Treatment Spray (green spray bottle) It is
    Anti-Frizz, protects against heat, anti- humidity, strengthens hair. And it
    is super light, it does not weigh my hair down. I have thick hair too. I
    love it and it smells wonderful.

  8. You are stunning! And your hair is just as beautiful as ever. I’ve been
    trying to get my hands on the Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle conditioner. I
    need something with great slip and something that is creamy/thick. I’ve
    tried aubrey organics..hated it. Tresseme naturals..hated it. VO5..hated
    it. The only thing that was perfect was the Aussie Moist conditioner. Such
    great slip and sooooo creamy. But I *think* it has some cones in it that I
    heard weren’t good? Idk! But yeah gonna try Trader Joes out for sure. 

  9. Do you do any annual or semiannual moisturizing treatments so can you plz
    make a video about it

  10. The Paul Mitchell Heat protector is AMAZING!! Used it when I was relaxed
    and still us it now that I am natural and my curls always snap back after
    heat styling.

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