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25 thoughts on “My Daughters LONG CURLY Hair Regimen (Fast & Easy

  1. If only our mothers knew how to take care of our hair back in the day when
    we were that age, maybe relaxers and weaves etc wouldn’t have been so
    popular and black women wouldn’t have the ‘our hair don’t grow stigma’ 

  2. She’s beautiful! Thank you so much for making this video! Can’t wait to
    have my natural hair back and I’ll NEVER go back to relaxers again lol 

  3. My daughter is biracial and her hair is similar to your daughters just
    thicker and about the same length. I had a lot to learn but I think ive
    finally mastered it!

  4. I love your daughters hair! My daughter will be 2 in November and I really
    need help with a hair regimen for her because I don’t know too many good
    products like conditioners, oils or moisturizers to use in her hair cause
    it can get really dry so can you email me at yalambakamara@gmail.com id
    really appreciate it! :)

  5. My daughter hair texture is just like this, but she’s only 21 months and I
    didn’t have a clue on what do with it..THANK YOU

  6. Thank you so much for such a sweet reply. I did love doing her hair when
    she was that age. She had long hair just like your baby. And you are right,
    girls are sweet and good too have in every family. Don’t know what I would
    do without all my kids. But by her being the only girl and my first she
    stole my heart from the start. I didn’t get your name but you have a
    blessed and wonderful weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day! May God richly bless
    you and your family!

  7. Aww she is too cute. I remember when I had too do that! I only had one
    girl, but she wasn’t that calm getting her hair washed. Very sweet video.
    Have a blessed and wonderful day

  8. Adorable little girl! Her hair is healthy and beautiful! Thanks for sharing
    how you care for your baby hair. 

  9. Thank you Jess, you have the kindness words. I can tell you are a good mom
    and that you love your kids. Yes my babies are all adults now. But they
    will always be my babes. It’s good too here from you again. Have a
    wonderful week. Be blessed

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