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25 thoughts on “Most Complete Sugar Hair Removal How To Guide – Part 2 – Ms Toi

  1. Can I use the second method (the ball one without strips) for legs and
    arms. I understand that the flicking won’t work on legs because the hairs
    are more tough, but I can stretch the ball wax? 

  2. After i made it, i warmed inside a hot water however it became thick again
    after like 10 minutes where i couldnt spread :/ did i overcooked it in the
    first place or should i constantly have to warm it up 

  3. this was a really helpful video you are amazing!i had hair on my legs and
    arms but now its gone 😀 thanks so much 

  4. If i have acne & wax my face, will it worsen my acne as in will it make it
    bleed or ?

  5. I just love how unlike many other beauty gurus you seem so intelligent.
    Your descriptions are so precise, the linking to historical context very
    interesting. Please keep up this extraordinary work! 

  6. I love the wax and thank you sooo much for showing this. But what does the
    cornstarch do for the skin? and how long should I wait before applying
    because it gets really hot or it gets too cool for it to apply easily and
    it sticks to the hair too much. Or maybe im heating it up too long. what
    do you suggest?

  7. just make sure you let the sugar wax cool so it wont burn your skin. I had
    to learn the hard way >.<

  8. I made sugar wax and when it cooled down completely in the jar i used to
    store it, it hardened so it’s like a rock! Can I still use it?

  9. I absolutely love your videos. Your very calm and knowledgeable. You seem
    like a sweet heart
    Thank you so much for sharing you natural world with us.

  10. Hello 🙂 Does it mean that i cannot use spatula and re-dip it into the wax
    multiple times? I have to buy a bunch of icecream sticks each time for each

  11. Is it like regular waxing? Will it hurt? I’ve never waxed before (except my
    eyebrows), and would like to know. 

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