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25 thoughts on “Men’s Short Hair Tutorial | How To Style & Straighten | Asian Sensation X-factor

  1. That woman looks so reluctant to do his hair.. No wonder she did a shit
    job. Racist biatch

  2. how much was that perm ? an would his hair be shinier if he used Silver fox
    by Vlain?

  3. I can’t believe this so-called hairstylist overprocessed his hair first of
    all you applied heat straightened it then you put a chemical relaxer after
    straightening, I’m surprised he even has hair and after all that was said
    and done he still looked exactly the same

  4. Why don’t humans just enjoy the hair they’ve got? I know I do. I lick it
    all the time. That’s all you need to do, meow.

  5. +Slikhaar TV wat is de naam van het product dat jullie gebruiken om in zijn
    haar te doen ? ( what’s the name of the product that u used in his hair ? )

  6. hmm.. seems like she just did that permed the hair, but needed to be cut,
    and possible hair gel with style is better. 

  7. why do you guys think he is black, he obviously is from ‘oh i don’t know’
    ASIA, or Sir Lanka.

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