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  1. I’ve been finding some of the nicest channels to follow as a result of the
    whole “I want a million subscribers” “scandal” LOL! I’m now following you
    and loving the variety already. I also just checked out “AlittleaboutaLot”
    and I’m about to subscribe to her too! Thank you!

  2. I’m African American myself and all I use are korean products. Although I
    can’t say the same for korean bb creams, korean skin care products can be
    used by any body. The only thing is that darker skin tones can’t use are bb
    creams easily. Some darker asians find hard to use korean bb creams because
    alot of them are simply made too light. But i don’t find it a big deal
    because bb creams are typically just high SPF and PA mixed into a light to
    medium coverage foundation. If you really want use a korean bb cream you
    can mix a korean bb cream with your foundation, but just make sure your
    foundation is high coverage. And something I do is find a high SPF with a
    double or triple PA sunscreen and mix it in with my foundation in this
    thing called a smart cushion case by Apieu, its really handy and if I do
    say so easy to use! But you can honestly just mix it in some container and
    use a brush or something. But long story short korean bb creams aren’t that
    big of deal and you’re not missing out on a lot. What ARE great are korean
    SKINCARE products. They really do wonders and my favorites are Etude House,
    Skinfood, Innisfree, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, and theres soo many more out
    there. You should really check them out and can get them cheap at places
    like Ebay, w2beauty or cosmetic.jolse. And yeah~ c:

  3. I am really having a love/hate relationship with you and these box
    reviews!!! You are determined to part me from my money, and add to my box
    addiction!!! LOL Thank you!

  4. Lol that comment tho…..
    This is interesting. I like the fact that it’s not a subscription mystery

  5. I LOVE that you reviewed this. I am not a woman with a deeper skin tone
    but my biggest beef with Korean CC and BB creams is that they lack a range
    of skin tones. I am wondering though if you could use that CC maybe for a
    highlighter? I am envious of the colors of polish you got. I got 3 shades
    of silver which are cute too but those blues! gorge!

  6. Um…No . Ladies keep your money in the bank! How much money have saved
    this week? How much money have you saved this month? The people making
    these products probably have SIMPLE beauty regimines and are trying to find
    complex beauty regimines for you to take money out of your bank accounts
    and put it in their own! Save your money and k.i.s.s.!!

  7. We hear all these people rave about korean beauty products… but are they
    for US? i guess i’m about to find out

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