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25 thoughts on “Makeup for Mom Tutorial | Radiant Looks from Real Techniques

  1. What can I do to stop my foundation and concealer from creasing on my
    mature dkin? I love your videos real techniques

  2. Mum is just so gorgeous! You are all so beautiful! But I have to take issue
    with some of the things that you say. I am 63 and I belong to a group of
    women of my vintage who do not take the view that women should use less
    make up as one ages. We actually watch all these videos, and buy the high
    end products that give ipus the effect we need and want. We find going into
    a make up artist without make up on, and looking our actual ages, and then
    being treated to ac” less is more” make over like your moms is very
    insulting! I, and we, can and do use skin products and make up products
    that can take twenty years off our ages! And we do not feel that we are
    mutton dressed as lamb! The major secret to this make up working is to
    allow a really good moisturizer sink into your skin, and maybe a second
    application, because one wants the skin to be as plump as possible. Really
    good skin care is essential, and this is something we do religiously, with
    frequent exfoliation and microdermabrasion that we do at home. Some of this
    is inexpensive, but most is high end because we refuse to age gracefully.
    We can, and do, take twenty years off our age with make up. I have
    literally taken the brushes out of make up artists hands and applied my own
    make iPad to have them be totally surprised and impressed by the results. I
    have really long eyelashes which are blonde and totally blonde eyebrows so
    it’s fair to say I rend to surprise them with a little bit of Dipbrow,
    black eye liner in a flick ( my eyes font sag…. Yet!) and Better than Sex
    mascara! Then add color to the cheeks, lipstick ( bright…. Red or
    orange… Nudes make me look dead!). Foundation is RCMA and contouring is
    essential. I do not have round cheeks, I am quite thin, and my cheek bones
    are accented with contouring and highlighter.
    So,,I just wanted to let everybody out there know that there are mature
    women out there who use the high end products… Let’s face it, we are the
    most likely to be able to afford them…. And please do not patronize us
    with ” less is more!”.
    I loved your look, but it is not for me, nor is it for a lot of us mature
    women. We use as much makeup as we did in our twenties, we just use it
    differently and with more and different skin care, as our changing skin
    requires. Now I’m not saying zi will look great when eighty, but zi can
    guarantee you that zi will be wearing black eye liner and mascara to my

  3. Very beautiful look on your mom. She really reminds me of Linda McCartney
    with that look.

  4. I think blush is so much better on the height of the cheekbones. I never
    understand why makeup artists don’t do this

  5. I was looking around for beginners make up brush set for my daughter and
    came across this on the web site. At 48, it was great to see your Mom
    describing the same make-up challenges I experience. Great video ladies and
    I will certainly be applying your tips in future! Thanks x

  6. oh my goodness you mother is gorgeous…now we can see where you two get
    your fantastic looks and eye color from!!!!! absolutely a gorgeous group
    of ladies. It’s mother’s day here in the u.s. on sunday so i will wish you
    all a Happy Mother’s day…. thank you for sharing the mature skin/make up
    with us….i’d love to see more of those. thanks again!!

  7. You did a lovely job, and your Mum is beautiful! I wonder though, why you
    did not contour? Is this not advised for mature women? Thank you ! ~jane

  8. I wish you’d do a version of this on your pixiwoo channel and list the
    products! Beautiful ladies, happy Mother’s Day!

  9. I’ve seen your mom earlier on your other channel.(Pixiwoo)and..omg she
    still is a beautiful woman. 🙂 Great job Nic !! xxx

  10. Mum looks like sam from the front and nic from the side!!! Your mum is
    really beautiful x

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