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25 thoughts on “Magic Tricks for 4C Natural Hair

  1. I just learned the doing my hair dry last month…my styles come out so
    much better…you are so right on all your tricks…

  2. I really enjoyed your other video. but really when I seen this one you
    seemed like you was on clound nine your neck look like it was a slinky that
    can do tricks mybe because you were excited about moving …good for you
    but too much personality tone it some. and saying nappy really wasn’t
    offensive it was what is was

  3. Omg TOO FUNNY and informative. I’ve been following you forever and never
    saw this video. Cracking the heck up! and Thanks!

  4. Girl yeeeeees I’ve been doing my hair freshly wet lately and it comes out
    like shit !! Ugh I remember my hair was damp closer to dry and I did a
    twist out on it and my curls came out sooo freaking good I agree so much!!

  5. OMG, you’ve got me CRACKING UP (at work, nonetheless) “the white woman
    taught me how to cornrow!!!)

  6. I started laughing straight tears once you went in on the twist issues bol
    your channel is hilarious AND helpful at the same time!

  7. Omg the belt tho. That’s hilarious & thanks for the tips. I’ve been looking
    for some blogs & love your lip color. 

  8. I’m mad I never stumbled across you before, like you just solved so many of
    my hair problems

  9. I’m enjoying watch your videos, Very informative, have you every considered
    the entertainment business…. You’re one funny lady

  10. LOL! So true about the wet hair. I have 4c hair. I did a knot out on it dry
    (moisturized but not freshly washed) and it came out so well…then I did
    the same haistyle and on my damp hair and it came out so frizzy…lol

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