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25 thoughts on “Lighten Dark Underarms Naturally

  1. thanks for the video i totally believe in lime effect because its really
    working and can u tel a way to get rid of unwanted hair growth like in legs
    and hands

  2. @MsLaraineofficial I think it’s ok:) Just make sure you don’t have a
    negative reaction to it:)

  3. Can you use the on you face because I am getting dark spots around my eye
    because I wear safety glasses at work.

  4. awesome!! I never knew that I just thought I would have to one day when I
    could afford it get laser treatments!!! I can’t wait to try this! Your
    other video helped also! 

  5. it very wonderful …. it is good to another girl.
    I’ll enjoy your video next time about the beauty.:):):):):):):)

  6. I’m using lemon, scrubbing the lemon under my underarms, I started two
    weeks ago, how long do you think it will take? Does it take like years,
    months, or weeks? I can’t use baking soda and all that, I really don’t have
    time for it as I have two toddlers who get into everything, so I’m just
    rubbing the lemon on. 

  7. Thank you for sharing and I have a question… how often would you say to
    do the scrub and the lime and lemon on the underarms?

  8. can i use lemon directly in my underarm without putting it on a
    handtowel??how long will i leave the lemon juice in my underarm and do i
    have to rinse it afterwards??

  9. When I will apply the scrub, will I rinse it after a couple of minutes or I
    should leave it for a long period of time? If it should be rinsed, how many
    minutes will it take?

    Do you prefer to apply the scrub on mornings or in evenings?

  10. Wow I’m very thankful to have found these great tips methods for underarm
    lightening, I’ve been dealing with dark underarms for a long period of time
    and I’m def going to try this methods because I also have very low self
    steam when showing my underarms lol, thank you so much and you’re very
    gorgeous btw ;)

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