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25 thoughts on “Length Check #4|Black women can’t grow long hair?

  1. Such beautiful hair! I hope to reach this length in a year but my ultimate
    goal is thigh or knee length hair

  2. Lol that’s right honey show um what your working with!!! You had me dying
    laughing as you were shaking your hair, and I was like that’s right YOU GO

    I always knew our hair could grow long, when my daughter was younger her
    hair was long just like yours! The misconception stems from black
    women/girls hair breaking off due to those “relaxer’s” and “heat damage”.
    Which caused many of us to walk around with shorter broken off hair. But
    now that we’re taking care of our “natural hair” and cut out the chemicals.
    We’re seeing all the benefits, and longer hair!:) Thanks for the video…so

  3. Black people can grow long hair. If they can grow long dreadlocks , they
    can grow long unlocked hair too.

  4. Was just roaming the net when i came across this…yes honey work…who
    said black hair couldnt grow…they a lie…n your skin id flawless 

  5. What’s the name of the song at the very beginning? Not “Thinking bout You”,
    but the one before that.

  6. I’m almost waist length 4b 4c my younger cousin think I’m mixed with
    something .because he don’t think black people can’t grow long hair . We
    can grow long hair I also explain our hair can easily break off due to lack
    of proper care

  7. Your hair is beautiful and long. I’m glad to know I’m not the only person
    with hair that naturally grows in layers!! Thanks for the inspiration 

  8. Damn baby is truly beautiful I’m digging your natural look wishing more
    sistas would take notes from your book

  9. Omg I love Ur hair u are my inspiration I want to grow out my hair for it
    to get tht long. How long did it take u to grow out Ur hair that long? Nd
    Ur beautiful btw u have the same complexion as me 

    motivation playlist and the music is off da chaiiinn!! YOU DID DAT! WHO
    DAT! :D

  11. I love your title babe, just slap those nay sayers right in their hate
    filled faces. You are a true inspiration to all of the young black girls
    that think we can’t grow hair. Plus you are so pretty:)

    Btw what texture are you? is that a 4a?

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