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25 thoughts on “Kindergarten Natural Hair Styles Tips & Tricks

  1. Yes! New styles for me to try on my daughters hair this year for
    kindergarten and they don’t consist of doing cornrows! Thank you!

  2. My daughter’s hair is the same texture as your baby hair, Its soo long and
    really thick. Cute styles.

  3. she is such a cutie, my 2year old has hair like this and all i can think of
    is braids and a ponytail…my hair is nothing close to curly..but im saving
    this video u gave me lots of ideas:)

  4. OMGOMGOMG what type of hair is she??? i think i have finally found my match
    after looking all over youtube!! im 12 and my hair is just becoming dry and
    breaking off and tangly even more because my mom is buying the wrong things
    for my hair and my mom said i had no match to my hair lol

  5. I have a boy and u make me want to grow his hair out and try these styles!
    No really though i do want a girl now.

  6. @667tazmania Hahahaha! The first few days she said some kids wanted to
    touch her hair ;o) Evidently, lots of straight hair in that class and not
    lots of coily hair…Kids don’t often get to see different things so when
    they do..

  7. @flozangel Hahahaha she think she grown ;o) Funny. Yeah girl, they get to
    thinking they know everything;o) Thanks for the love doll!

  8. Just happen to stumble upon your video…I AM GOING TO STEAL HER!!!!! Just
    joking…lmao, girl that baby is to cute and all I have are nappy headed
    boys…lol!!! Take care.

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