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25 thoughts on “Kid’s Natural Hair| Protective Styling (Crochet Braids)

  1. Great protective style for little girls who are learning to care for their
    natural hair and retain length =)

  2. I did my 13 year old niece hair like this. I did small braids in the front
    leaving it exposed and crochet the back. A little less hair because she
    said it was hot for the summer. 

  3. She looks like a little girl with that style. Some people put too muuch
    hair in and makes them look older. Wonderful look for her summer & for
    school. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I know I am going to like this video I could have watched this in real
    time. That baby is beautiful and her hair looks good even just braided. I
    am anxious to watch the rest of the video as I paused around 3:00.

  5. Im still rocking my crochet braids, its been a month and still looks brand
    new! did my moms yesterday as well. its faster and easier if you pre-twist
    the hair on a rod or hanger, that’s how I did mines. it took 1 week to
    twist it because my crochet braids are very full then it took 3hrs to put
    them in 🙂 try it that way next time! great video!!

  6. Thank you! A child who hasn’t got long, coolie hair! I can never find a
    hairstyle suitable for my little sister hair length, which roughly the same
    as your clients. The style came out real cute too!

  7. I love this style and it seems like it’s less stress on the hair and less
    time consuming to take out.

  8. Mama you did a wonderful job on little mama hair. Little mama hair is
    beautiful before and after. I’m going to have to copy this style for my
    daughter hair. Thank you for sharing.

  9. My 9 year old starts school on the 13th of August (Which is like in 2 and a
    half weeks). I was really sitting here thinking what am I going to do about
    this girl hair. I thank you for your time and ideas. I plan on doing her
    hair just like this the weekend before school starts. Thank you, thank you,
    thank you!!!

  10. What a lucky girl to have a mama with skills like that! I spend alot on
    getting my daughter’s hair braided :0(

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