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22 thoughts on “John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Tutorial

  1. No I didn’t feel I had to….I always need to use two boxes with the other
    stuff. thanks for watching

  2. If I were You I would do it.You need a good coiffeur for that. And than you
    put Your greatest sunglassen on drink a nice latte and enjoy April!. Have
    fun, big Hug from Europe.

  3. Hi Ok I tried the John Frieda Foam again and a little bit better for grey I
    left it on longer

  4. It is so much easier to use. The colors are lovely, …I need to get the
    root touch up

  5. I almost picked this up the other day from Shoppers ..i just dyed my hair
    and brown/black too with l’oreal 🙂 I’ve noticed i’ve had to leave the dye
    on longer these days to color my greys . I like to use the root touch up as
    well . I may pick this one up and give it a try ,it looks less messier with
    the foam .Tks for the tutorial xo

  6. I have one more box and see if the same thing happens …that will be the
    deciding factor I will let you know thanks for watching

  7. lol your so funny …but yes it is coming soon…have a good one thanks so

  8. I am not sure why they are black but they are that the usual latex gloves
    that you get. They are made out of thicker latex..I think is is because you
    have to put the foam on the gloves.

  9. Hey, lovely, have You ever tried an assymetrical fringe? I think it could
    give Your face that tlittle something. Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Yes I was actually thinking about that today when I was driving home…lol
    ..Assymetrical ..like an angle?…I was thinking the same thing ..I need a
    little something.

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