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18 thoughts on “John Frieda Precision Foam Colour 3N: How to & Review

  1. I love your hair color! It looks so natural, I wouldn’t have guessed you’re
    naturally blonde. Would you recommend this color for someone with black
    hair? I’ve been wanting to dye my hair with that kind of color, but it’s
    soo difficult to get the result I wanted. Also, how do you like John
    Frieda’s foam color compare to L’oreal sublime mousse? If you’ve tried it.

  2. If your hair is very long then yes, you may want to consider buying two
    packages. I have shoulder length hair and it is also thick- there was
    plenty. (although everyones hair is different) If this is your first time
    dying you hair I would recommed you have someone help you, to make sure you
    have it all covered and also because you have long hair it might be more
    difficult. As far as easiness this is way easier than other hair dyes
    because its foam so its kind of like shampooing your hair.

  3. I would recommend trying John Frieda Precision Foam Color in —*— 4PBN
    Dark Cool Espresso Brown —*— I just used this color last week it is
    very similar to the one I used in the video without the red tones. 🙂 Let
    me know how the color works for you!

  4. The Deep Brown Black 3N should be okay. When I first colored my hair it was
    much darker than the video above as it was about two weeks after when I did
    the review. I also had blonde highlights before coloring it so in those
    areas it is lighter and has hints of red. Since you already have dark brown
    hair it should be fine for you and shouldn’t have red tones… So I would
    give it a try!

  5. i like the color of your hair my hair is naturally dark brown and my hair
    now is highlightd blond and i want to dye my hair the color of yours but im
    afraid the black brown it will be to dark. but im thinking since it was soo
    blond it will come out lighter? sooo idk ….

  6. I did dye my hair with the same box! But it showed out turning really dark,
    almost black! So for all of you girls, just to let you know, if there’s any
    type of redness in your hair, it will turn darker then the box 😉 But I
    wish I had the same color as you! gorgeous!^^

  7. Thanks! 🙂 My hair is naturally brown. I previously dyed it blonde before
    this video, and then used the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour 3N and got
    the results in the video! The color is deep brown black, so it may not be
    that different from your hair color already. I loved this product and
    currently still use it 🙂 Good luck! and thanks for watching!

  8. Hi! I love the current color before you dyed it for myself and my hair was
    originally blonde before too so how did you get the color you have before
    you dyed it 3N?

  9. Your hair really is beautiful. I definately plan on trying this product
    once my hair grows out for my pixie. Do you think it would work as a

  10. @TheCherry360 I previously had blonde hair from highlights- I died it brown
    at a salon and it washed out in a few days. About a week later I bought
    this *John Frieda foam color* in “3N”. At first it turned my hair very dark
    just about black but within a few days it washed out a little and started
    to look a nice deep brown. This video was about 2 weeks after I colored it
    using the 3N color- So I am thinking you might get the same results using
    this color. I hope that makes sense?

  11. U actually have the prettiest color among all the ppl that post the review
    videos..looks very healthy..thanks

  12. Hi there,i have salon blonde/light brown foiled .highlighted hair,and it is
    very very long,i have never dyed my hair before but i really want to try,do
    you reccomen that i buy two boxes of this and do you think its easy for a
    first timer?

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