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25 thoughts on “I ♥ John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color!

  1. that’s how we spell colour here in Canada………..its pronounced the same
    as color…….just fyi………..we spell a few words different here in

  2. @TheGlitterArmy Did you use 2 boxes? coz I have use 1 box for my long thick
    hair before and it is a fail..i didnt see any changes on my hair.

  3. Thanks for the tips my coupon loving friend! Is the L’Oreal dye a liquid or
    a cream? Do you like it?

  4. Thanks we have very similar hair and I use Nice and Easy. I may have to
    give this one a try.

  5. I have very similar hair to you, and I color my hair like once or twice a
    year cause us brunettes sometimes get those nasty brassy natural highlights
    during the summer. I feel like my last color completely washed out. :/ It
    was the one you said smelled bad before! Lol I’m definitely gonna use this
    one next! Yours is so shiny!

  6. im waitin for my free coupon for john frieda foam color and in two weeks im
    gettin this!

  7. LOVED your review!!! OMG I frickin love your hair Jackie…. it always
    looks beautiful & shiny!! Thats why I have 2 colours in my hair because
    having long + thick there is never enough hair dye in 1 packet to dye my
    hair. I am just like you OMG! I apply to my roots but then I want to be
    able to put the hair dye over my hair too freshen up. It’s annoying having
    to buy 2 packets of hair dye because you never really use all the dye from
    the 2nd box & you still have to throw it away.

  8. Love this hair dye I agree that is doesn’t leave your hair all hard after
    you wash it.

  9. I did not like it 🙁 I used two bottles at once because my hair is long,
    and I followed the directions exactly, but it gave me splotchy results and
    the dye faded after a while, which I guess was a good thing in my case.

  10. @xthexcolorxredx Which color did you get? I’m just curious cuz black always
    takes really well, so maybe the lighter colors aren’t as good.

  11. I actually used like the Burgundy color one which is light and it work fine

  12. Hey Jackie, the sunday paper always has coupons in it for J.F. I love their
    mousse so I am always stocking up. Usually you can find great deals on
    these products at CVS or Rite Aid and usually when you stock up you can get
    extra bucks back to buy more. When you join CVS’s beauty program you
    automatically get 10% off your next purchase. I dye my hair black too and I
    use Loreal Excellence. I love the little comb that comes with it, it makes
    it super easy to apply. 🙂

  13. So I gotta ask…what foam hair color stunk like a dumpster? Just so I know
    what NOT to buy lol

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