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22 thoughts on “How to Treat Dog Hot Spots

  1. I use Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil) with carrier oil, Jojoba oil. I drizzle
    on a cotton ball and apply to the hot spot.

  2. my dog has now like 3 little bold spots in his body … is this kuz of the
    hot spots?

  3. By the way Dr. Becker, you are great! The first doc I have seen that will
    try to treat without drugs. You do know your stuff, I have been learning
    and educating myself on natural healing for my dog for hot spots. I have
    not tried the betadine yet, i will do that today. Clean and dry clean and
    dry. I hope it works. I will keep you posted and all of your fans. Clean
    and dry, clean and dry.

  4. My dog is an airedale terrier and he gets hot spots every month usually on
    his back end near the tail area ive spent a fortune at the vets on pills
    and potions! nothing works! he chews the area and wont settle down jumping
    up from a laid down position like someone has stuck a pin in his ass, this
    usually goes on for 2wks – 1mth im at my wits end with it as i have to let
    him sleep in my room to prevent him from biting the area but as hes moving
    around alot i barely get sleep! please help!

  5. Doc so appreciate you. Could you please spell out what I need to get for my
    dog with the hot spot. Thats a long word so I go and get it. Bayadine?

  6. hi would you consider a video on Demodex mite cure’s i heard raw diet can
    sort this problem xx

  7. I’ve had wonderful results with aloe, as well as silver gel. I’ve opened a
    capsule of natural Vitamin E & squeezed over it, also. I’ve used food
    enzymes in their food, also.

  8. My dog got like 4 hotspots in 1 day then i noticed him scratching and i
    checked him he had tons of fleas i was like uh!!! I just gave him a bath

  9. I use coconut oil for just about everytning, topical and internal, they
    love it. For internal go slow to start out with just a little then build up
    to more.

  10. In regards to hotspots, if you shave the troubled area with a clipper
    blade, can the bacteria from the hotspot be transferred to the clipper
    blade itself? If so, can this situation be passed on to other dogs by using
    that clipper blade?

  11. Thank you Dr. Becker your such a great help!(“, i used to think that all
    vets are evil and doesn’t know anything but to take my hard earned money,
    but now i wanted to be a vet like you to help pet owners like me whose
    taken advantage by evil vet. thank you so much!more powers!

  12. My dog did have the same problem until I change to fish diet, I’m giving
    wellness core ocean. Many dogs have allergy of chicken, many vets miss
    that, I took my dog to so many vet, and all did say was not food allergy,
    till somebody in the street told me about the chicken allergy. My dog is 9
    year old, and actually it did improve in his energy and he looks amazing.
    Good Lucky!

  13. very informative. what do you recommend to try to prevent my american bull
    dog from licking himself. he’ll destroy the house trying to shake off the
    neck cone.

  14. Calcium montmorillonite clay poultice. You can bandage it but it’s actually
    good for dogs so it doesn’t matter if he licks a little. Tea tree oil
    should never be used where the animal can lick.

  15. My dog did have the same problem until I change to fish diet, I’m giving
    wellness core ocean. Many dogs have allergy of chicken. Good Lucky!

  16. My dogs eat a raw organic grass fed beef and free range chicken diet, no
    fleas. They r clean, i will spend any amount of money to help them. I have
    used manuka honey antiseptic spray, pasca-balm ointment, silver, chlorhex
    2x 4% shampoo, homeopathic itch remedies, vetericyn, peroxide, shaved the
    hot spots, i dont want to use drugs on her. What am I missing? The hot
    spots are horrible. Washing makes it worse…though i let her air dry???
    Maybe thats the problem. Help me.

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