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25 thoughts on “How To: Straightening My Natural Hair

  1. Ohh so you CAN straighten natural hair? I want to go natural but I thought
    it meant that I could never straighten my hair lol

    Okayy soo whenever I straighten my hair it NEVER stays straight. Unless the
    air is really dry. So even when it’s normal humidity, it’s still never 100%
    straight. What should I do? What products do you use?

    (Ps. I don’t use a heat protectant. Could that be a reason. Also I don’t
    know my hair type. My hair is curly, I think 3b and c but idk. It’s like

  3. Yasss finally someone with my shrinkage and similar hair type going to fllw
    now….wait I m already subscribed to you ! Been fllwg your makeup and
    weave tutorials for a min. . I didn’t know you were natural too (had to
    watch this again and your ombre vid to make sure it was you?! You are a
    chameleon girl you rock go girl!!! 

  4. My curls are a bit more loose than yours, like maybe 3b and 3c in some
    spots….and really kinked and 4a in some small areas and my hair wont hold
    heat!!!! I don’t get it! I’m wondering if it’s the flat iron? I have a
    Helen of Troy that goes to 450 degrees and I’ve eben used the highest heat
    on small tiny sections, and my hair still offs back up in 2-4 hours….some
    spots hold heat and stay straight, while most dont. When I flatiron it
    again the next day, it holds half a day maybe :(. I’m wondering if I should
    try a babyliss or a chi. I wash it, deep condition, put on a jeat
    protectant, blow it out, then flat iron. Idk what the problem is….I
    rarely cut my hair though or keep it trimmed, so maybe it needs a thorough
    trimming? My hair isn’t damaged though, I’m fully natural (4years) and I
    only flatiron once a year :/ twice if you count the 2nd day touch up. Help!
    Cuz you’re hair is GORGEOUS with minimal effort O_O

  5. Hey I have a question what if you don’t have overnight.. You still want to
    use min heat as possible.. Would after putting your hair in the four
    sections then twisting and sitting under the dryer work ?

  6. I definitely want to try the stretched method you used. The shrinkage is a
    little frustrating and the process on washing and twisting my hair all in
    the same night is not something I want to try when I am tired. Thank you
    for the method. It seems to work on you so I’m going to try it on my hair.

  7. My hair is not a fan of gel. No matter what gel I use (cheap dollar one,
    the ecostyler olive oil, doesn’t matter), it flakes AGGRESSIVELY. Any
    alternatives to gel>

  8. I have never seen anyone braid their hair and pin it like that to give it
    the blow dry look without the blow dryer. that is awesome def think i will
    try that method next time i straighten my hair. great video!

  9. I absolutely love your videos! I stumbled upon your videos and I have been
    using them ever since! I have had the hardest time transitioning from
    relaxed to natural hair. Thanks for the help! 

  10. She is so beautiful!!
    She kinda looks like Nikki Minaj.
    Anyways I love all her videos they really do help *(^o^)*

  11. If that was me my hair would of dried up over night and my edges wouldn’t
    stay like that all night 

  12. I followed you directions and my hair came out amazing just like I’ve
    always wanted it THANK YOU SO MUCH

  13. ever time I flat iron my hair it wont stay down, its like my hair is
    straight but but it sticks up,what should I do

  14. I need my hair like this . I have naturally thick hair but iknow it has
    some stretch to it

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