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25 thoughts on “How To Simplify & Organize Your Winter Wardrobe | Love Raw Vegan

  1. Hi Everyone! I’ve been getting alot of requests to show the “before”
    (amount/pieces) that I am selling/donating for my unwanted jewelry &
    handbags. And also show a quick update regarding the re-decorating I’ve
    done in my bedroom. I will be sure to include these things in my ‘Fall
    Fashion Minimalism’ Video I will be posting in the next few weeks (still
    gathering a few items). If there are any other requests let me know and I
    will be sure to include them! Thanks for your feedback! ♥

  2. Definitely the bras video, maybe you have done it already… just
    discovered your channel. Great video 🙂 – I actually own less than 80
    items, I moved from the UK to Dubai and my clothes stayed being by mistake;
    so I have been living here with what was in my suitcase. Apart from being
    bored of the same clothes; I realised I do not need that many clothes after
    all :)

  3. Fashion ♥ How To Tie A Scarf Youtube Video!
    How To Tie a Scarf: 4 Scarves 16 Ways

  4. yes please to the bra video! i had sooo many, recently just got rid of like
    10 but i still feel like i have too many i have no idea whats a normal

  5. Really useful content. Thank you. I am working out on paper what I can by
    with. You are worlds ahead of me. I but you feel so much more
    energetically with such a thoughtful wardrobe. My list is like 20 work
    sweater, 20 casual sweaters, 20 long sleeve work shirts, 20 long sleeve
    casual shirts. I think just working towards that goal will be a fabulous
    jumping off point. I just watched this for a second time. I am going to
    really examine my needs more and maybe rework those numbers a bit. Also
    YEAH VEGANS! I have been vegan for a year and a half. I am 80% raw.
    working towards the goal of 90 % raw 🙂 Reading 80/10/10 right now

  6. I don’t think that outerwear (winter coat/hat/gloves/non-fashion boots)
    should count against your total. Those are necessities. The stiletto boots
    though? Yeah, those count. :)

  7. Watching this i kept thinking you must be doing a ton of laundry which can
    get expensive and time consuming quickly (especially at the laundry mat).
    How do you balance between having fewer things and the cost of frequent
    clothing care? Thanks!

  8. This is helping me so much as I’ve been such a hoarder until now! You
    talked about the time you used to spend dealing with your extra stuff,
    could you perhaps do a video on what this time is now spent on? :)

  9. Hope you are coming back. You are really on to something with your modern
    minimalism message and the way you present it.

  10. Great, interesting, helpfull video 🙂

    I have a little but, though, regarding the part about less clothing = less
    time on maintaing it. Regardles of how much clothing you have, you still
    need to wear somthing everyday and thush will have the same amount to
    wash/clean/fold/repair. Maybe a little less time chosing your outfit and
    maintaining the organization. But really, I can’t see it mean too much time
    wise 😉 But then again, maybe I’m forgetting something.

    Anyway, great video! :)

  11. Yay!! More great guidelines and helpful tips. :). (And lol to the question
    on lingerie possible video). 🙂 Any tips r helpful, & keep in mind u wldnt
    hv to show your personal items, you could show pics out of a catalog of the
    clothing item types to keep. Anyway, thank you for this video, I’ve been
    feeling overwhelmed about my wardrobe project, and this is helping make it
    appear more do-able :)

  12. The underwear minimalism would be a great informative video! Thanks for
    this one, you gave me such a good ideas :)

  13. Tots adorbs! Very informative and great ideas on neutral colors for the
    main staples pieces 🙂 Thanks for posting! 

  14. I love your minimalism videos! I’m a semi-minimalist myself. I look forward
    to next week’s video on how to maximize outfits with a minimal amount of
    pieces. Can you show us 5 or more outfit combinations per season?

  15. Yaaaay! I did the same thing this weekend. Keep up these great and
    motivational videos <3

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